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Back of Beyond, TX(Zone 8b)

I have been rooting around in the Rose plantfiles and was wondering if you could tinker with it a little?

It appears that there are different ways of listing a plant and end up with different results.

For one, it wuold be nice to have a box to fill in for classification. And not sure if "species" is an appropriate entry there, although cultivar would be. Not really sure how to work this request, but It just looks like the format was taken from another type of add-a-plant area and doesnt quite fit for the rose area.

And some sort of way to indicate striped, bicolor, etc etc other than individual comments. And check-off boxes for climber, shrub, ground cover, and so on. I guess it would just make it all or orderly and uniform. Maybe some way to rate frogrance too. And/or a box to filll in for the name of the breeder. Or prizes/awards won.

Know what I mean, Vern? Sorry but I have a froggy brain at the moment.


Murfreesboro, TN(Zone 7a)

If you correctly enter the botanical name fields (namely family - Rosaceae and genus - Rosa, you will be presented with checkboxes that are geared toward roses (standard colors, climber vs. rambler vs. shrub vs. bush, etc.)

Species is appropriate - if it is a species rose. (The cultivars typically are not.) It should be left blank for most new rose entries at this point.

Mmmmm, I just took a look at the entries you've made so far, and a quick glance tells me most of them are already in PlantFiles. You can "browse by cultivar" to see if a rose you're wanting to add is already in there:

The reason yours didn't flag as duplicates (the system will stop you if it can detect the duplicate entry) - is because you added things like "hybrid climber" to the species field ;o)

I'll do some tidying up later on today or this evening (I'm taking a short break from painting a ceiling right now.)

Back of Beyond, TX(Zone 8b)

OK. I will take a breakf or today.

I have to admit that I look each of them up first onthe alpha list, and was suprised some don;t appear, like, Don Juan for instance.

Sorry if I made a mess for you!

Murfreesboro, TN(Zone 7a)

OldeOake, I owe you an apology - when I glanced at your list, I really thought many of the entries would have already been in there. When I went through the entries one by one, I found only a few duplicates.

To get bck to your own entries, you can find a list of plants you've added on your member page:

I think now that the names have been tugged, pulled and straightened out you'll find the detailed sections for each plant are rose-specific. You'll also find a link on each of your own entries to "set all details" which helps fill in the sections faster. No matter how you approach the details, you can (and should) skip over any sections you don't have the information on (and/or can't find it anywhere else.) That section will then remain open for someone else to fill in later. If you click on any checkboxes - even just one - in a section, the only way additional checkboxes can be added is through a PlantFiles editor.


Back of Beyond, TX(Zone 8b)


Now, what IS the correct way to enter the names?

Where does the classification (climber, old, china, floribunda, grandiflora, etc etc) belong?

Murfreesboro, TN(Zone 7a)

OldeOake, if you'll look at your entries, you'll see the proper format, which you can use as a guide for future entries.

Generally speaking, the common name field is filled in with "Floribunda Rose" or "Hybrid Tea Rose" etc.

The family field is completed as Rosaceae

The genus field, Rosa

The species field is left blank (unless you're adding a species rose, such as Rosa wichuriana. But most - if not all - the species roses have already been added.)

The cultivar field is completed with the accepted name (e.g., Le Pactole) - no single quotes, as the system will add them automatically.

To add the hybridizer, year of introduction and any additional accepted cultivar names, you can edit your entry once you've submitted it; you'll see these fields when you do.

Once that's done and you return to the entry, you'll see a series of checkbox sections:

Bloom Color
Bloom Shape
Bloom Time
Patent Information
Other Details
Pruning Instructions
Soil pH requirements
Propagation Methods

As I mentioned before, fill in the details you are certain of, or have reliable reference books or websites to use as a basis. Skip over any you aren't certain of. And let us know if you have any other questions!

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