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Portland, OR(Zone 8b)

What kind of caterpillars are these? I've found them munching everything in my garden from calla lilies to swiss chard. The largest one there is about 1.5 inches. I posted a pic over in the "garden foes" section, but no one knew what they were.

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Jackson, SC(Zone 8a)

they sorta look like cataba worms. we have them all over once spring hits here. gross.

Portland, OR(Zone 8b)

Nope, definitely not cataba worms. I looked them up and these are much uglier.

I found a site with several pictures of those:

Portland, OR(Zone 8a)

This site may help.

Portland, OR(Zone 8b)

Found it! Pseudorthodes irrorata [Noctuidae]

No wonder we have a million on these moths during the summer time. Definitely not an endangered species. Death to these little monsters!

Modi'in, Israel

Sorry I got here late. Yep those moth caterpillars can really wreck havoc on a garden. We have to put down pellets in the entire lawn if we suddenly see an increase of house sparrows congregating on our lawn. The type we have here is very similar and attacks the roots of plants as well as the growth above ground on any type of ground cover (including things like mint and lemon balm). I'll probably have to treat our garden in the next few weeks ... "tis the season".


Manhattan Beach, CA(Zone 11)

Those are Cutworms, a type of Agrotis.

Portland, OR(Zone 8b)

Is there a good way to get rid of those? Is there something out there that won't kill beneficial insects such as ladybugs or other beneficial annelids such as earthworms? I have lemon balm growing and found a bunch munching away in every patch. Having just planted 3 rows of lettuce, the last thing I want is for each plant to get munched.

Manhattan Beach, CA(Zone 11)

Maybe a pet chicken?

Portland, OR(Zone 8b)

A pet chicken. LOL I wish. Living in the city with dog walkers walking by my partially fenced yard all of the time... Poor thing wouldn't last a day.

Modesto, CA(Zone 8b)

How about BT? Works great around here.


Manhattan Beach, CA(Zone 11)

A pet alligator?

Portland, OR(Zone 8b)

BT! One of the local nuseries sells that. I think I might have to give that a try. Okay, this may be a really dumb question, but are the vegis still safe to eat if I spray the plants with this stuff. If it has to be ingested, I don't see any other way for them to get it into their system.

Manhattan Beach, CA(Zone 11)

This will answer your questions:
I have used it in the past on tent caterpillars and had no success with it.

Deep South Coastal, TX(Zone 10a)

If you encourage birds in your garden/yard, some are worm eaters. It's fun to watch them in the mornings going among the plants picking the cats off the leaves.

Portland, OR(Zone 8b)

That's a fantasic idea! I have a bird feeder and should start filling it with bird seed now that many are coming back.

Saint Cloud, MN(Zone 3b)

Here's another lengthy article concerning BT, dated 1994.

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