Remodeled Living Room

Stockport, OH(Zone 6b)

Finally got the living room all done,thought I'd post a couple pictures. Was originally very dark paneling, I thought it was like living in a cave! Love it now!

This is the front side of the house that looks out on the front yard, the picture on the left of the window is a needlepoint my daughter did for me of a violin,bow,and french horn with roses(my DH plays the fiddle) , the one on the right is a large pastel portrait of my kids, they got me for my birthday several years ago.

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Stockport, OH(Zone 6b)

Entertainment center in the southeast corner of the room. We just finished putting up the crown moulding, it's got a carved surface but you can't tell it in the pictures. also put it across the top of entertainment center and all three doors(Yep, three doors in a 16X16 room!)

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Stockport, OH(Zone 6b)

This used to be the corner with the woodburner, we put in a gas furnace but left the brick(just too much of a mess to take out)

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Stockport, OH(Zone 6b)

And last but not least, the corner with the front door in it, and my recliner. Quite a change in the amount on light!

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San Antonio, TX(Zone 8b)

Beautiful! You've done a great job. Wonderful choices on colors, too.

Angleton, TX(Zone 9a)

You made it such a bright and cheerful room. It turned out lovely. I use to have a front door like you have at another house that I lived in a long time ago. Does the little window open so you can speak through it without opening the door?

Vancouver, WA(Zone 8a)

Rita, fantastic! "dark rooms" can be dark. Your house is old, isn't it?

Stockport, OH(Zone 6b)

Thanks Girls! No, the little window in the front door doesn't open the people we bought the house from put the doors and windows in, the windows in the door doesn't really serve any useful purpose, it's kind of frosted so you can't see out or in, and doesn't let in enough light to help either!:(

Our house is about 130 yrs old (not a square wall or corner in the place!) It has lathe and plaster construction, the kind that makes one heck of a mess if you start tearing it out! LOL

We're hoping to replace both doors this summer

Newark, OH(Zone 5b)

Becky! I love the red and yellow together. What a fun and cheerful room. Our bedroom is dappled yellow (faux technique) and I like how happy it feels.

Our house is only 56 years old. It has plaster walls, but instead of lathe, it has metal gridwork. This picture from our kitchen remodel shows it all too well: Blech! I really like how solid the walls are, and how well they insulate sound, but boy are they a trial when it comes to hanging curtain rods, shelves, or anything that requires more than a tiny wire nail.

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