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Yeah Pig Pooh

Port Huron, MI(Zone 5b)

This year, is the first year that i am growing tomatos at this new house. I deliberately put them on the outside of my chain link fence, because me dogs like to pick them and play ball with them and out there they can't get to them. Well, I am 5'6" and my tomatoes are up to my chest already. all my vegies, sunflowers and marigolds that are planted in that area are way ahead of all my neighbors. Of course I reluctantly say.."aaww shucks' when they tell me what a green thumb I must have since my tomatos are easily twice the size of everyone else's. Come to find out..the previous tenants(before I bought) had a pot belly pig and they dumped there pooh where I put my veggie garden. Haven't decided whather to fess up to the neighbors or not...just kidding..I already did..but Yeahh for pig pooh!!!!

Lorain, OH(Zone 5b)

I dump my vegatarin Iguna's pan in the compost, but that is the only pet poo I put in it, I use the fish tank water too. I can definately see a difference in my plants. You are so lucky that they did that, the prior owner of my house poured oil and cleaning solvents out of the bedroom windows when he worked on his car engines in the house during the winters. I had to remove the soil to a depth of 4 ft, replace it with new soil and then compost it for 4 years before I could get anything to grow in it.

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