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San Antonio, TX(Zone 8b)

I'm suffering a severe attack of wanderlust! Today's mail brought an invitation from the American Horticultural Society to join a five-day travel study program scheduled for October. Accommodations are aboard the M/V Yorktown Clipper with visits to a remarkable number of private gardens plus UC Berkeley's Botanical Gardens. I would love to see Filoli! The ship docks at Redwood City, Sausalito, San Francisco, and Sea Ranch at Napa. Gardens to be visited include seven in Sacramento and others in Napa Valley and Woodside. Breakfast and dinner are on board. Sounds very enticing, except guessed it...the price. Basic cost starts at $3700 and that does not include airfare to and from SFO. Sheesh! My ten-day trip to New Zealand and Australia cost less than twice that.

A thought occurred to me, though, how great it would be if the Society would permit Bay Area gardeners to join the tour on a daily basis. Even a one-day excursion would be a great experience. Participation wold be limited to the number of motor coach seats available, but seems like a win-win for the Society and visitors alike. Ah, well - my vivid imagination is out of control again..............

Rotterdam, NY(Zone 5b)

LOL that's more than 2 weeks in Hawaii (to include air fare to and from)!! Alas...I don't live in the bay area....2 hours away. That would be awesome though....I would drive the 2 hours for a one day excursion.

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Northern California, CA

My suggetion would be.....

1. Buy your airline tickets.
2. Rent a car.
3. Find a central place you'd like to stay or do the one night in each general location.
4. Spend a day in the Napa area.
5. Spend a day in the East Bay (where UC Botanical is)
6. Spend a day on the Peninsula (Filoli)
7. Bring a friend and your camera. :-)

There are lots of other gardens open to the public and wonderful nurseries that can give you the feeling of being in a garden. Lots to do within easy reach!

That of course doesn't give you the 11 meals a day on the ship, or the educational study program, or the private gardens, but I can't imagine you'd spend anywhere near that amount for 3-5 days on your own. If you belong to other horticultural societies and you decide to do a trip on your own, check for reciprical membership programs.

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