Ideas for Dish Gardens-Way Out Ideas

Valley Village, CA

I would like to know how many creative ideas this group can come up with for dish gardens. Crasulady

What constitutes a dish. A container like a strawberry planter? A big bowl, an egg carton?

What do you have in mind Norma? I have used all of the above. With good results.

I also stumbled onto a planter that I call my Mesa planter, one large opening on top, with four round towers at varing heights at the four direction corners, and then between them are four small oblong openings. Confused yet? Well, the thing has been a terrible flop. Got mealies early on, and cannot control how much water the irrigation system dumps into it. Too big to keep moving around. Too many plants in it with specific needs.

Thinking about tearing everybody out and starting again.

I tend to use strawberry pots for all sorts of succulent and cacti plantings. Love em.

To bad I haven't figured out how to download links or pictures. Can't wait to read everybody else's brainstorms.


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