Red Angel Trumpet, Red Angel's Trumpet, Eagle Tree (Brugmansia sanguinea)

South East, United Kingdom(Zone 8a)

I've grown this in the past and found it flowers late in the year as the days shortern, do you find this so? Or does it flower in spring with you? By the way that looks like a good form, good colour, and good photo.

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Northern California, CA

This is flowering as we speak. :-)

There is a very long thread about my history with this plant over on the Brugmansia & Friends Forum:

Pictures from this year, links to the saga of this poor plant and its battles with the wind and weather. The color is Scarlet in cool weather, but as you can see the color was radically different when it bloomed in HOT weather (90+F) last season.

Thumbnail by Happenstance
(Zone 8a)

Beautiful photo!

Northern California, CA

Thanks! She is pretty isn't she. Now that the blooms have been around for several days the color is changing.
Check the link up a few in this thread for the link to the Brugs & Friends Forum thread.

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