Journals and Journaling

Tucson, AZ(Zone 9a)

Is journaling really a word? No matter.

I'm using the journal here to list my plants to help me keep track of what's what, what's where, and how to keep from killing it. Also I take a few pictures and measurements here and there to track growth. Very satisfying! I love the ease of keeping a journal here, though, as some people have pointed out, there are a few things that could improve it. I REALLY love how easy it is to print out the journal so that I can keep a copy in my hand as I make decisions about plants.

Today, however, I started doing something different in my journal. I started "journaling." I had written some notes about a project (in Word) and I decided I wanted to put it in with my journal. So I started a new category not-so-creatively titled "A few notes about my gardens." I listed the different gardens (more like areas) around my house that I've been working on and I put my notes in for one of those entries. I'll work on the other entries some other time.

This is my journal page: but what I want to show you is the journaling entry in "A few notes about my gardens" entitled "The Courtyard." I'm not yet finished (will I ever be?) with planting in my courtyard so I don't have all my "after" pictures in yet. I plan to add to my notes and to my pictures as I go. It'll be easy just to add the date every time I add a few thoughts.

Anyway, I'm as new to this kind of thing as I am to gardening so it's nothing polished or anything. I just thought I'd look back on what I did and how it all progressed and keep it handy for when I get discouraged with my future gardening projects, lol! And I thought I'd share it here in case anyone was interested.

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