Need References for live plant vendors

Big Bear City, CA

Hi all,

Well arn't we busy tonight... how grand!

I would really appreciate all the feed back you all can give me for live plant vendors. I intend to make some large purchase of California Native Plants to open up a nursery in Big Bear California...and I have to buy natives that are unusual, and xera and the best product for the price. I have bought a few things from Forest Farms... but that has been it.

If you can suggest live plant suppliers and ones that you think are great for the price ... and stear me away from the ones that "arn't too hot". I would realy appreciate it.

I can see everyone is busy as a bee... and it's good to see.

Thanks to everyone,


Arroyo Grande, CA

Native Sons, el Nativo, Tree of Life, San Marcos, Monterey Bay, Las Pilitas are ones that I am familiar with. They all do a pretty good job. Pricing depends on the species. The more difficult to grow cost more. You should get wholesale pricing which is generally about half of retail. Some deliver in your area, some do not. I am sure there are others. Monrovia carries some natives as do many of the other biggies. Each nursery carries slightly different things, though there is quite a bit of overlap. There are also lots of local growers out there. The bigger nurseries have salesmen that visit the nurseries on a regular basis to take orders. I would be cautious in my ordering, though most one gallons will continue to look good for quite a while if you take care of them. There are probably a number of color suppliers nearby.

Just how big a nursery are you going to have? Is it going to be seasonal or year around? Specialize in one thing or a general purpose nursery? Are you going to grow any of your own stuff or just handle the retail? A plant nursery or include lots of other items?

Modesto, CA(Zone 8b)

Cornflower Farms. You can buy loads of liners, too.....a great way to start! They will mail you a monthly availability.

K :~D

Davis, CA(Zone 9b)

Thanks for the listing for Cornflower Farms!

I'm about to redo the front yard of my rental in Davis and I really wanted to xeri it. Now I just need tips on getting rid of 4 tons of Ivy >; )

Modesto, CA(Zone 8b)


Arroyo Grande, CA

If you want liners try Ponto Nursery in San Diego County. They have a website and an availability list. They have started to truck stuff around. I have bought quite a few trays of liners for several projects from them. I did not upsize them, just planted them as they came, but I did water extra for a couple of weeks. I am doing a planting for our homewowners association that involves 26 flats of liners. The grasses work particularly well. You could upsize them easily. They have a number of CA natives and ship a lot of stuff to Arizona, so have many things that do well there. El Nativo has an excellent selection and they have a website as well. Tree of Life has a tremendous selection. They have a website, but no availability list.

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