How about super simple?

Modesto, CA(Zone 8b)

Hi all, glad this subject came up. Thanks Dave for gathering info from us for these changes, we love you man! As for me, time is of the essence....I don't have time to spend changing and moving or duplicating. How about a journal with areas such as "Wanted" (for things we would like to trade for); "Testing"(for things we're trying, but might delete later if they don't do well); "Currently Growing" (for things we have planted); "Availability" (duh, this is obvious). Each basic section can have breakdown areas, "Houseplants", "Shrubs & Trees", you get the idea. If we could add our pics and perhaps the entry date to these areas, it would be simple and great. Also, this is a biggie, if we could "Move to" it would save a lot of time re-typing things. Thanks Dave and everyone helping with this. It's a big undertaking and we "Dave's Addicts" appreciate you and all you do!

Karen :~D

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