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"Add to my journal" button in the plant database.

Lampasas, TX

When I buy, or think about buying a plant, I always look it up in the database to see where to plant it, the type of soil I need, etc... It would be sooooooooooo nice if I, no matter what plant I'm researching, could just click on a button to automatically input all the data for me in my journal. Of course there would be a dialog box asking me which journal to place it in.

While I'm in dream land, why couldn't the Cultivar,Genus, and Species automatically appear after inputting the Common Name? This information is already in the database, why torture us by making us type in the info.

Really, I'm not lazy..... I just believe in technology.....really........

Capitola, CA(Zone 9a)

This is an excellent idea.

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