cure for spotted wilt virus?

Jacksonville, FL(Zone 8B)

Hi, everyone,

I'm new to the forum and wondered if anyone has any idea how to combat tomato spotted wilt virus. I have three tomato plants that have been very healthy and producing nicely. One of them, however, has produced two tomates with concentric rings and has leaves at the bottom of the plant that are starting to yellow or spot. A master gardener's web site I visited diagnosed the problem as spotted wilt virus. I checked around for ideas on how to kill the virus once it's present or at least keep it in check, but no such luck. Any ideas? Thanks for your help!

Gardening Gal in Jacksonville, Florida

Bethelridge, KY(Zone 6a)

Cut off the infected leaves and discard (out of the garden area). Give them a boost with manure tea. This should help but probably will not cure. Be sure to plant them in a different location next year if you are sure you have spotted wilt virus. It is not uncommon for the bottom leaves on tomato plants to "yellow" after they start to bear fruit and usually does no harm. Not sure about spots, I've never had that problem. Good luck!


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