The Garden Diary is ready for testing

Chicago, IL(Zone 5a)


Thank you for all of the updates and the new diary. Before my question I have to tell you that I am very impressed with your willingness to ask for user input and work with the members. After receiving the email about the updates I was so impressed that I decided to pay for a subscription.

Thank you for all your work on this site.

I can't believe that I missed the HUGE drop box that lets you pick the tab. Sorry about the not so intelligent question

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8 miles from Athens, OH(Zone 6a)


You seem to enjoy what you do so very much. You're also pretty good at providing great customer satisfaction. I applaud you, and all your computer wizardry! Boy, I could NEVER do anything like what you do with davesgarden.

I've been into my diary today, and adding tabs and entries. You've made it amazingly easy--even for someone as simple-minded as me!

x x x x x x x x (this is me applauding) x x x x x x x x x x x x x x x x x x x

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(this is me trying to whistle loudly)!


Ewing, KY(Zone 6a)

Well tonight is the first time I really played with it any other than adding some tabs. But we had a big event today so figured this was the time to try it out. I didn't have any trouble I love it. If I had tried to add that in my journal it would have taken me 10


Lenexa, KS(Zone 6a)

I thought this was already on your TODO list that you posted on April 20th, but don't see it. Will we be able to delete a tab that does not have any entries?

And a gentle nudge again on being able to jump to a specific date and being able to reverse the display to be most recent first.

Deep South Texas, TX(Zone 9a)

Could we also have search capability of our dairies, and possibly of others?

Conroe, TX(Zone 9a)


I am having trouble accessing my diary. I have logged out and back in, refreshed my screen, closed and re-opened my browser, clicked in using the shortcut, typed in the web address, but no matter what I do, every time I click on "manage your own garden diary", it takes me straight to dstartz's (Donna's) tab "Plants From CTRU." I love Donna and her diary, but....

Deep South Texas, TX(Zone 9a)


(Sorry, Dave...)

Ottawa, ON(Zone 5a)

That's a hoot! I just tried it, but it didn't work...I just got my own diary...I'm actually a little disappointed ;-)


Lenexa, KS(Zone 6a)

*snicker* *snicker* me too...... :-D But I did get alot of notes in my diary! Thanks Dave, I love this feature.

Acton, CA(Zone 8b)

So, started working on the diary thing... and then part way into it, realized all my entries were in 'tab 1'... so... any way we can move entries into other tabs now that I realize that would be a good idea??

Lenexa, KS(Zone 6a)

Copy --- Paste --- Copy --- Paste. Been there, done that. For the time being, I think Dave has that on his TODO list.

Lenexa, KS(Zone 6a)

Looks like we now can Delete tabs. Thanks Dave. Got rid that pesky thing that was bugging me. LOL

palmbob, you can easily move entries to other tabs. Just click on "Edit" for the entry, and then select a different tab on the edit page.


Conroe, TX(Zone 9a)

I don't know what happened, but I can now get into my own diary. Of course, now I'm at work, so I'd better not! :-)

Lenexa, KS(Zone 6a)

Thanks Dave. I guess I didn't figure that one out! You think of everything.

Conroe, TX(Zone 9a)


I know that we nixed the idea of people posting comments to the diary in the diary, but do you think we could still have a way to "watch" a given diary or tab? I already know of a few that I would like to be notified of whenever there are updates.

(Also, I have noticed a number of diaries that have been started by new members on the very first day they registered! I think this diary is a very good thing. Thanks again!!)

Conroe, TX(Zone 9a)

Dave, it took me a while, but I noticed we can now "watch" certain tabs in public diaries.Thanks!!

Lenexa, KS(Zone 6a)

Wow! I like that feature. Thanks Dave.

I also see when I was looking at other's diaries that their entries were displaying in reverse date order, so I thought you did that as well. But, when I go to my own diary it is still showing oldest to newest. I thought there might be a place to click to turn Reverse Order on or off but didn't find anything. Are you working on this and it's only in the display mode right now versus the Edit mode?

Got that fixed, langbr.

Conroe, TX(Zone 9a)

So Dave, will all the diaries display in reverse order? Or will we get to choose? For some of my tabs, I intend to basically tell a story. If someone views those tabs in revers order, the "story" is backwards.

Well, I was thinking first that it would be like a thread, in that it was reverse order (newest at the bottom). Then, I thought that it would make more sense to make it reversed so that the new stuff is at the top.

It's a hard decision. Any thoughts?


Lenexa, KS(Zone 6a)

You know my opinion because I'm the one that asked for Reverse Order, but it would be nice if we could click on button to sort either way (sort of like Journal Column headings).

Conroe, TX(Zone 9a)

Ever since someone told me that I can hit the "home" key to get back to the top of a page and the "end" key to go straight to the bottom, I haven't felt a need for the "back to the top of this thread" or "skip to new" options that we have on the threads. So, getting to the bottom of a tab to add new entries (because I like to reveiw what I've most recently written frist) is not a problem for me. I just would like for my tabs to read like the threads, oldest on top, newest at the bottom.

I do see langbr's point for her purposes.

Conroe, TX(Zone 9a)

Oh, I also wanted to add that while we now can click to send an e-mail to the member from the diary page, we no longer have a way to go directly to their home page (we could click on their name before.) I sometimes like to go there to see where they're from, when they signed up, etc.

Lenexa, KS(Zone 6a)

I also understand maggie's point as well. I can see that reading another's journal, in particular, is best if done in order they are written, but for me, at least, when writing in mine I like newest first. Kind of a mixed-feeling topic for me, really.

Whatever you decide, Dave, is fine and I'll modify my navigation as needed. I'm just thrilled with having the diary.

Conroe, TX(Zone 9a)

"I'm just thrilled with having the diary"!! Yes, what she said!!

(Now, if you could just figure out how to post our thoughts directly to the diary while we are gardening.That would really be helpful!) :-)

Ewing, KY(Zone 6a)

I liked it like it was where my entries stayed in order. I am like maggiemoo, with one of mine putting the newest entries at the top throws it all off. I am sure I will have tabs that I would like to the have the newest entries first as well. Would it be too much of a nightmare to have it where we could pick how we want it?

Kerhonkson, NY(Zone 5a)

Dave -- When I started a diary I created a bunch of new tabs thinking I could go into them later and add things ... I cannot get into any of these tabs and cannot delete them ... I created two new tabs that I added entries to right away and those I can access ... but how do I delete the useless ones? Also the list on the right of the main page says "diaries" not "tabs" ... this is confusing ...

Murfreesboro, TN(Zone 7a)

There is definitely a bug. I added two categories (test and test 2) and both of them suddenly had 18 entries. When I tried to delete the tab, I couldn't. When I tried to delete an entry, it let me - but said I was deleting it from a tab entitled "untitled".

I then tried to add another, real tab (thinking maybe my "test" tab name was causing the problem.) Same problem. I also can't add any entries to this new tab (titled Shelby's Garden).

That's a mess. I'll take care of all this, probably on Monday.

Conroe, TX(Zone 9a)

Thanks Dave!!

Summerville, SC(Zone 8a)

Hi, Dave. I am super excited about the new diary. I tried to use it for the first time today, but was not able to make entries. I set up several tabs, but when I click on the newly created tabs, there is no option to "Add a new entry" on the right side of the screen. The only options under Tasks are "Add a tab" and "Delete a tab." Here is what the text said I should be able to do:

"Congratulations! You have made your first tab, and you are now ready to start adding entries to your diary. To do that, please click on "Add a new entry" over on the right-hand side of this page.but this tab is empty."

I looked on the right side of the screen and the only options were to "Add a tab" and "Delete a tab."

hgurule, that is now fixed.


Summerville, SC(Zone 8a)

Thanks, Dave. I've happily filled my diary with entries. You don't know how greatful I am for this new diary. Thank you! Thank you! Thank you!!!

Dexter, OR

i am thrilled with the diary
as a new member i started entries right away.
my only problem is getting into read other diarys for other people. am kinda of new at this and still feeling my way around.
thanks Dave , your the greatest.

Crossville, TN

Dex....I just went to your diary...Horseshoe will love you! He grows all organic also. I'm sure you love your bench.

Just click on JOURNAL...then when it opens click on View (visit??) other member diary...or something like that....then you can click on any that you want to read. Jo

Oh...and Welcome to The Garden!!


Conroe, TX(Zone 9a)

Mary, welcome to the garden!! Isn't the diary great?

To read other diaries, click the Journals tab at the top of this (and every) screen, and under Diaries you have the choice of either "Manage your own garden diary" or "View other garden diaries". Choose the viewing others option, and it takes you to a list of everyone who has diary entries that are public, in order of the most recent posts to the oldest posts. You can just click on a username from there to go directly to the diary.

You can also go to an individual's home page by clicking on their username from a post, and under the "Actions" heading you can click on "Read xxx's Garden Diary". But if they don't have any public entries in a diary, that link just won't exist. When you are reading different threads, or "tabs" in the diaries, you can clcik to watch it, just like you can click to watch threads. I have a couple that I keep my eye on.

Hope this helps!

Shangshui, Henan, China(Zone 7b)

The garden diary is simple to use, a very good way to trace my garden route. Personally I like it very much, and in fact I have written quite several of mine. My diary mainly consists of three parts: my garden thoughts, Gardening Learning and Daily gardening acitvities.
Thank Dave and Terry for their efforts.

Burlington, IA(Zone 5a)

Thanks Dave. I like the simplicty of the new journal. Very easy to use.


Conroe, TX(Zone 9a)

Dave, thanks again for the diary. Any chance that you'll change back or make an option for viewing the entries from beginning to end?

While it is in the newest-to-oldest post order, I've noticed on several people's diaries that if they make two entries with the same date - maybe the entry had "part 1" and "part 2", that the second post was actually underneath the first post. So, If I am trying to read the posts in chronilogical order (for example the progress of a project), as I scroll/read from the bottom up the order would be day 1, day 2 part 2, day 2 part 1, day 3.

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