succulent id please?

Olympia, WA

here is the link to it's place on the id form thanks so much. i've been trying not to get plants w/o knowing names but just couldn't resist this one.

Kamloops, BC(Zone 4b)

It's Crassula falcata.

(Zone 4b)

Jeff, I thought all crassula were tree-like. How do you distinguish between a crassula like this one and one of the many aloes or those other jobbies (am I thinking of Haworthia here?) that also are fleshy and whose leaves spiral out of a base stem?

Kamloops, BC(Zone 4b)

Dear Shelly,

All that glitters is not gold. I guess it comes from seeing the plant many times, from looking at pics, and from rubbing shoulders with many succulentists. C. falcata is easily identifiable, while many other crassulas are not. I guess it's not so much the criteria for a certain genus that I look for, but at the plant itself. My photographic memory is missing a few pixels, but there are some plants one knows instantly.

(Zone 4b)

No magic trick, then, huh? Doopery doo. You mean I actually need to LEARN this stuff in order to know it? Darn...

Gorgeous plant, by the way! You must be proud!

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