CLOSED: Brug bug's name, please

Olympia, WA

The new brugmansia does have its own community of critters; and I suspect that the critter shown here is the one responsible for the holes that are begnning to develop in the leaves.

Anyone able to give me a name on the beast?

Thank you so much!!

Thumbnail by wannadanc

WannaDanc, insecticidal soap and habanero tea keep bugs away from those leaves if you want to use a safer remedy. Turning the sprinkler on under the leaves 2 times a day works for most insects as well if you leave it on for 3-5 minutes. Of course this gets them watered as well. Brugmansia love tobacco worms,crickets, mites, aphids,snails, mice, etc. I have had little rodents eat clear through a 4 ft tall seedling more than an inch thick. Apparently it tastes quite divine to rodents. As for the picture you took, I honestly can't say what insect that is or isn't. My eyes are a bit off as they say and while that picture is superb, I am blessed with bad eyes. My mother was legally blind by the time she was in her early 30's if that tells you anything. I do applaud you on the picture, but perhaps if it was a bit more blurry and smaller I could tell what it was.LoL, seriously, anyone know what kind of bug this is. I use malathion on occasion with my Brugmansia and "Bayer Advanced Garden 2-in-1 systemic Rose and Flower Care" as well as the above more natural remedies. Could everyone please post the various types of insect control they use here for the benefit of everyone as I think it would be much appreciated to have all manners of control that have been tested on Brugmansia in one thread. Thanks bunches.
Apparently this critter loves Brugmansia as much as I do.
KARMA do you happen to know what this critter is?

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Olympia, WA

Brugmansia and Karma -

Thanks SO much for your respected input......I am "out the door" for most of the day ..... but will get back to Brug care this PM and let you know what happens.

Deep South Coastal, TX(Zone 10a)

It looks like an aphid. Not enough legs to be a mite. Half and half alcohol and water will kill them, or use pyrethrum. These usually cause the leaves to yellow and be distorted, not really holes in the leaves. It could be slugs, snails, caterpillars or the shiny gold bugs that are making the holes in the leaves. They usually eat at night and we don't see them.

Milford, NH

I attempt to use organic controls when at all possible, but since the Brugs are prone to so many things, and since they are also contained in pots, I now treat them all with a 2% disulfoton systemic on a regular basis. This does not leach into the ground or other beds, it is confined to the Brug pots and an application every 4-6 weeks seems to control all problems.

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