Aloe Survivor?

Brownville, NY(Zone 4a)

I have an aloe that's been thru hell. It was number one on the cat's 'knock over and play with' list for 6 months straight. Needless to say, there was almost nothing left of the root system when the cat decided to move on to new and exciting plants. I stuck what was left of the plant in a bit of water, to see if it would root at all (yes I know, a no-no with aloes). I got some new roots after a few weeks, then transplanted it back into a C&S mix in it's old terra cotta pot. That was a few months ago. Now it's sending out new growth, but the older leaves are shriveling up at the ends and curling inwards on themselves. For every new leaf put out, and old one shrivels. Because of the damaged root system, should I just be patient and let the plant stabilize itself- or is it a goner?

Kamloops, BC(Zone 4b)

Dear Bucky,

I am truly surprised that it is growing at all - usually putting them in water is a sentence of death. The old leaves die off, and new ones take their place - that's how aloes grow. You might, in the future, just let a aloe lie in a cool place for it to develop roots. after about a month it will begin to do so. The plant sounds like it will live, but don't fuss too much with it. Good that you saved it!

Thousand Oaks, CA

Amazingly some Aloes can handle the sit-in-the-water-technique to root out... as long as it's really warm, or the Aloe is very cold tolerant, they will rapidly root if left in water. I have accidentally done this several times to several different species... and a couple times on purpose, and have yet to have an Aloe rot on me this way... though I don't recommend this as a routine procedure.

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