It's rooting! It's rooting! It's rooting!

(Zone 4b)

Dances of joy abounded in my living room this morning! Yippee Skippee! My cactus is rooting!!! No clue what type it is - some kind of barrel cactus that sends out little cactus puppies. But whatever type, the piece I broke off one of the bigger barrels has sent out its first tiny white root!! Oh I'm so excited I could scream and dance and sing with joy! This is the first time I've propagated a cactus! Woohoo!

Now to the bookstore to get a decent cactus/succulent book so I can ID the thing! If I'm going to be growing a ton of them, I'd best know what they are.

Thank goodness and graciousness for this website! If it weren't for all you die-hard cactus-lovers, I'd have no one to share my excitement with. None of my friends particularly like cacti, one even considers them "obscene" (?), and my roomates inevitably think I'm a nutty-buddy. Fools and imbeciles!:)


Kamloops, BC(Zone 4b)

Dear Shelly,

Yay for you indeed! Nothing like bringing plants back from the dead, or rooting pups, or for that matter, something flowering the first time for you.

You must be indulgent of friends that just don't get it - they know not what they are depriving themselves of.

Composed, in our honour, by Foreigner, and sung to the tune of 'Hot Blooded':

'I'm just a cacsuccer, can't ya see
Got the cactus pup rootin' right beside me,
Growing for me makes me want to dance,
I'm a cacsuccer, cacsuccer'

(Zone 4b)

Jeffrey H., you're a kook and a half
But man oh man do you make me laugh
You're love for plants flows across electroland
And thanks so much for the helping hand.

Ta da! Betcha never thought I was a poet, huh?
Buddy, if it weren't for you, I'd never have even known how cacti COULD be propagated - I'd still be searching the WalMart for plants instead of makin' babies.

Durham, United Kingdom(Zone 8a)

i had a barrel cactus that used to send out loads of babies, theyre so cute, the spines are all soft n stuff, heeheee. i'm excited for you pisces!


(Zone 4b)

Woohoo! Checking up on my babies this morning, and guess what? More roots on more plants! Oh this is the best! It's better than good wine and a Barbara Streisand film! Better than a trip to the beach with my one true love! Better than a newly washed floor and a pair of roller skates! It's even better than clean crisp white sheets dried on the line on a hot summer's night!!

How come it took me so long to figure out how FUN this is?

Happy as can be,

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