sunburn on cardboard palm???

North Wales, PA(Zone 6a)

I'm going to post this in houseplants as well, but thought you folks would have some good advice. Does anyone know what sunburn looks like on zamias? Is it a rusty orange color on most of a leaf? I just put a large one out on sunny deck. It overwintered by west window and get sun on the deck from early until about noon.

Too much sun? Will it adjust? Frequent watering?

Thanks for any help!

The trouble with putting plants outside is they encounter UV radiation, which they totally miss out on when in that sunny window. So even a plant from a very bright spot can burn when first moved outdoors. On cacti I have noticed that permanent burn is preceded by leaf yellowing, which is reversable. I kept some cacti from burning by moving or just turning them. But, ones I left alone soon developed brown dead tissue. However, on one late summer heat spell I had trichocereus get permanent burns in just one day, at a spot where the plant had sat all summer.

Thousand Oaks, CA

As long as you keep your Zamia furfuracea outdoors, it will acclimate to the sun (problem is you live in too cold a zone to leave it outside long enough to let it acclimate). The brown/orange coloration is burn, though sun burn and cold burn can look similar at first... the later rapidly turns to brown, though. Everytime I plant out a Zamia species, no matter how 'slowly' I eke it out into the sunshine, I burn the heck out of it.. .but the new leaves come up fine.

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