A Note About the UC Berkeley Spring Sale For Today

Northern California, CA

In case any of you are planning on attending the sale today Saturday here are some tips!

Because of the construction on the new entrance gate the sale has been moved down into the actual garden areas and the logistics are challenging.

NO large carts are allowed in the sale area.
The aisles are narrow and crowded.
They have a few red wagons, bring one if you own one or any small cart.
The plants are displayed in a much larger spread out area and on multiple levels down by the Conference Center and greenhouse.
They had a LOT of plants this year, but the challenge is to see them, move them around and keep track of them in this larger area.
Wear comfortable shoes and bring a helper if at all possible!

More on the goodies I managed to snag later on the Cactus & Succulent Forum.

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