SOLVED: Thorny Tree

Warren, IN(Zone 5b)

I spotted a couple of these trees along a stretch of river while cleaning up the trash left by some inconsiderate slobs. (I wonder if their homes are littered as badly.)

They appear to have many thorns at each node along the trunk until farther up on the tree. I've not seen this tree before.

I'm in Zone 5, NE Indiana. Leaves are just starting to emerge on the tree so I can't describe them at this time.

Thumbnail by earlymorn
Valinda, CA(Zone 10a)

That one looks wicked. I don't think that I have seen one like it.

Santa Fe, TX(Zone 9b)

I have two just like it. It's a wild Honey Locust.

Every time someone tries to mow under these trees flat tires result.


Murrells Inlet, SC(Zone 8a)

I don't know what it is but i'd certainly hate to be running through the woods after dark and run into it.!!!(LOL)

Phoenix, AZ(Zone 9a)

We had those where I grew up in southern IN. We went barefoot a lot in the summer, need I say more? These trees shed those thorns copiously on the ground around them. They would even puncture shoes. I can't tell you how much I hated those trees!

Valinda, CA(Zone 10a)

Reading that made cold chills run up my back.

Queen Creek, AZ(Zone 9a)

OMG I know those trees well. We moved to Missouri the first time in 86, and on the land we rented there were a bunch of them. I swear those thorns were longer then swords! When we turned our California horses loose on the 61 acres, my prized mare ran past a tree and suffered such deep scratches on her side that I thought she was cut clean thru. Turns out they were just that, deep scratches. Thank God!! We hot wired those trees so they wouldn't get too close. I hate those trees with a passion. We then bought a home about 2 miles down the road and that piece of property had a younger thorn tree on it. Those horses stayed away from that tree. No hot wire needed afterall. lol They are so pretty when they bloom, but after that, they are the debil.

Linden, TN

We had several of those buggers on our property and we ended up cutting them down and knocking off all those spikes.... made excellent fire wood... and those thorns do burn. We burned them right there on the ground... and then raked up any remnants. They punctured a few tires on our lawn tractor before we cut them out. Horrid things.

Santa Fe, TX(Zone 9b)

They are great for "no trespassing" places.

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