CLOSED: Strange mealybug type thing

Floresville, TX(Zone 9a)

I foud several of these on a meyer lemon tree earlier today. I've never seen a mealy like this before, and I hope someone can identify it for me. It's actually attached to the leaf in a tick or lice like manner.

This plant was previosly infested with scale, which happens every year for some reason, they were gotten rid of over a month ago, but some of their remains are still visible on the leaves.

Thumbnail by Indigoez
Deltona, FL(Zone 9a)

ugly little thing!

somewhere, PA

What did you use to get rid of the scale? I've had trouble with it on my
citrus in the greenhouse. Pyrethrum seems to keep it under control
but I still get it now and again. (And I have no idea what you have in that
picture. UGLY!)

Floresville, TX(Zone 9a)

Tammy, I used Spinosad from greenlight. It's derived from some kind of bacterial fermentation and has a low toxicity once it's dry, and also has no nasty chemical odor, plus it gets rid of everything I've tried it on, even spider mites.

Bartow, FL(Zone 9a)

Try sending the photo to I had an answer within hours when I sent in my Milkweed Bugs. MN4

Modesto, CA(Zone 8b)

It's Cottony Cushion Scale. Not unusual for citrus. Here's some info.


somewhere, PA

Thanks Indegoez. I'll try that!

somewhere, PA

OK - what's greenlight? I couldn't find it in Garden Watchdog nor via google.
I assume its a business - could you help me find it?

Meadows Place, TX(Zone 9a)

OMG Just checking the forums after posting mine on BUG ID and I see this image and flicked off three of them off of my young Scarlet Wisteria. Sheesh.....1st Aphids and now this.......What's a person to do??? ;>)~

Floresville, TX(Zone 9a)

Tammy, here's the website:

Thanks for the info on the bugs btw everyone!

San Antonio, TX(Zone 8b)

kipper2, I thought I saw a couple of scale on your wisteria. Get those devil's before they develop a shell because they are more difficult to exterminate at that stage.

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