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We had this room carpeted with dark green carpet. It really shows the dirt and I don't want to vacuum every other day, so I got some area rugs to put over it. Not a good idea. The large rug tries to move and now has a wrinkle that runs the width of it. It's not as obvious in the photo as in real life, but the wrinkle runs between the chair legs and across to the other side. (The wrinkle was there long before the chair. The chair is not a part of the problem. That's a t.v. stand at the far end of the rug.) You'll also see the the rug is stretched out of rectangular. I can ignore that, but I don't like the wrinkle and I can't stretch or roll it out, at least not under my own power. There is a pad under the carpet that is supposed to prevent this sort of thing, but as you can see, it didn't. Is there anything that can be done to get rid of the wrinkle?

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The only way to get rid of the wrinkle is to move the rug to a flat, non-carpeted surface (like hardwood) for a few weeks.

Rugs on carpet never work, I've tried for years.

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One thing to try, turn the entire rug around the other way, then on the diagonal. Carpet has a nap, like corduroy, and sometimes it will not, or lessen the amount that it crawls.

otherwise, on thicker carpet, a rug is not a good idea.

....was in flooring for over 12 years.....

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