Linden, TN

I don't know what the name of this one is.... but it sure is a pretty one... and loaded with blooms..... I have grown them for a couple of years, and never thought of keeping track of names... until I found DG ... Now I wish I had.... dern it...

Thumbnail by Gardennuttz
Linden, TN

Here is another one that is larger than the plant.... the plant itself is less than a foot tall.. a mere baby... I planted it last fall.... and it rewarded me with a bloom... This little bloom is nearly a week old..... wow..

Thumbnail by Gardennuttz
Ellicott City, MD(Zone 7a)

Beautiful flowers! Here is a link to Clematis on the Web that list all the different types of Clematis available.

San Jose, CA(Zone 9a)

Very pretty flowers! Love your first photo...mostly see the photos taken head-on...makes a lovely show from the side like yours is!

Linden, TN

Thank you... I really was not able to take it head on as I had to lean over the railing of the deck to take the photo.... lol...


Concord, NH

Carolyn -

The first photo looks rather like my Ville de Lyon. It might be a way to start looking for an ID.

Willis, TX(Zone 8b)

I agree..the first one looks like "Ville de Lyon" the second one reminds me of "Rhapsody" but it looks like a lighter shade of blue..the tepals look to elongated for "H.F. Young" and aren't pointed like mine..I am puzzled about the second one..can you tell..LOL...Jeanne?

Delaware, OH

villa de lyon. one of my favorites. it was my first clematis! now i am over 175 varieties but this remains one of my largest and my most favorite clematis.
i didn't keep track of names for the first year and then got it together as my obsession took root! still get some identity issues from markers moving, etc, mis labeled plants from a local nursery when i rescue them on sale etc etc.

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