hanging pictures on plaster walls

Winchester, VA(Zone 6b)

Ok I give up

Everytime I try to hang a picture either I cannot get the nail in far enough to support the picture OR I crack the plaster OR I bend the nail - OR ALL THREE

Does anyone have a clue how to hang a picture sucessfully on plaster walls?

I tried using the temporary stuff but the pictures fall off the walls within a week.

Taylor Creek, FL(Zone 10a)

I learned this 30yrs ago when hanging things in those adobe walls in El Paso.
Drill a hole in wall, (I'd put masking tape on wall before drilling) pack with lead wool, found in plumbing department in OLD hardware store.
Then when it's tightly packed, put a strong screw in there and it will hold a ton!
Putting a piece of tape across spot alone will let you put a screw through
it into a stud, or nail into without crumbling.
Pre drilling is another must for my crazy ideas for wall art,

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Winchester, VA(Zone 6b)

gosh I really appreciate it

Auburn, AL(Zone 8a)

sugarweed you were in the military weren't you?!?! *G* Also try anchors you can buy them at any hardware or place that sales picture hangers.

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