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Wood Siding on an outside storage building

Yazoo City, MS(Zone 7b)

Need advice from the more learned! We are building an outside storage shed, 12 x 24. Exterior is wood siding (HandiPanel). My cohort thinks the bottom of the siding should extend about 1 inch below the treated floor joists. I say NO! Have the bottom of the paneling about midway on the outside of the joists. The building is built on 6x6 treated runners and 2x4s treated on 16 inch centers for the joists. That is on concrete blocks so it is off the ground a little.
What is right?

Also, we are putting on a shingle roof over OSB. Is it necessary to put felt paper under the shingles? We were told the only reason builders do this is so it's easier to remove old shingles when time to replace the roof, not that it is any help as a vapor barrier, because the shingles have a tar strip on the back that heats up and seals in the sun.

This is our first really big project. We are both stubborn in our opinions! lol

Any help would be appreciated!

So.App.Mtns., United States(Zone 5b)

Yvonne, I was a licensed contractor for a long time, so I have some experience.

Aesthetically, the siding should cover the joists, and still be well above the soil line. Just drive around and look at houses (same building techniques apply to outbuildings)... notice if youy see any where the siding does not cover the "undergarments" so to speak.

As for roofing, I'd put down 30# felt. You will be happy you did when a big wind comes along and rips off a few shingles. Use Button Caps for the felt, not roofing nails.

Yazoo City, MS(Zone 7b)

Thanks for the advice!
My concern about the siding is that it's not waterproof and is faced with that chipwood stuff. Guess I'm afraid water kicking up underneath would make it "puff out" like. I know that's not a professional description, but hope you get the pic! lol
The outside is preprimed and I'll paint over that. We put Thompson's Waterseal on the floor top and bottom....maybe we should apply some to the inside of the siding around the outer edges, but not the whole thing?
And would you just even up the siding and joist bottoms, not go that much below? I have a shed with metal siding and I noted that that starts about midway up the joist and the joist is painted.
Thanks for your help!

So.App.Mtns., United States(Zone 5b)

I'd cover the joists by an inch. You can always add a metal flashing over the joist.

WHY would you choose a siding that is not waterproof? That's the whole reason for siding.

Yazoo City, MS(Zone 7b) choices were this SmartPanel, manufactured specifically for out-buildings or the plywood stuff that has the "trenches" 2 or 4 or 8 inches apart, and it's not waterproof either. It all has to be painted, unless I put up vinyl siding or the metal siding, and I didn't want that.
Here is the description from the Home Depot brochure: 3/8"-4'x8' SmartPanel II wood siding--Wood substrate with cedar texture is engineered for strength and durability. Treated with SmartGuard (TM) to resist rot, decay and insect damage. SKU 509095.
Hmmm, I guess it IS treated. I still don't think it is waterproof, especially on the inside.
Thanks for your help!

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