Rent a Floor Sander Fri. Night

Northport, ME(Zone 5b)

Weekend? Friday night involves nail sets and smashing you index finger with a framing hammer. Going back to the 1lb hammer while bleeding on the floor. All nails reset. I may be late responding. (Sand floor, take big sander back, rent edge sander, get on your knees) Maybe DW will give me an hour to go for a ride? Frank

LOL, Frank...

You have a mighty interesting way of livening up a Friday

Hope the swelling of your fingers goes down enough so you can type us an update... :)

Northport, ME(Zone 5b)

about 1/3 done with the edger. loaded 6 discs with paint. Instead of making dust it liquifies and clogs up a disc. I have heard about older homemade paint. Lead based, linseed oil and iron filings for a red color.I payed for and gummed up 6 discs and need a dozen more. BTW this is all after I get home from work. Guess what I'm doing tomorrow night. Frank

Know what you mean, Frank...

Went to using stripper a long time ago just cuz the belts & disc cost was ridiculous on some of the old floors. Then I hit it with the sander. Saves me money &

Hang in there, I'm sure it'll be worth it...

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Northport, ME(Zone 5b)

Hey Tarkus, hope your DG name is influenced by ELP. Sanding goes on. Bought a porter-cable sander. It still loads discs with the crap. But i'm not paying $35 a day and a dollar a disc. I figure I have 10-20 hours of sanding to do. I can do an hour after work and not worry about rental time. I worked with a rented edger for 4 hours and was sore for 2 days after. I know we all get old but I don't need to be reminded. Frank

Hey, Frank...

My nic is from something else but it could easily have been ELP.

How did it come out for ya?? & yes, we sure don't need to be reminded of what used to be easy in our youth but is now more like a

Northport, ME(Zone 5b)

I sanded for 1 hour last night. not tonight. Getting it done but it beats me up. Pics soon. I promise. F.

Topeka, KS(Zone 6a)

I've just torn out the carpeting in my living room/dining room/hallway this week and am now researching to figure out the next steps: sanding and finishing, and whether to hire the job out. Your thread came up on a Google search, so I paid for a subscription to read the responses. I was delighted to find someone in the middle of sanding a floor and wish you great results.

When you've time to take a breath, I'd love to hear more detail about your project. I'm trying to figure out whether this is something I can do myself, so lots of questions come to mind: whether you've done this before; if you'd recommend this as a beginner's project; how much $$$ you estimate you saved doing it yourself. (I'm planning to get a couple of estimates this week.) I'm pretty competent with power tools in general, but I don't want to pay somebody to fix it if it's something I'm likely to botch.

And about the floor... did you have any gaps to fill and if you did, how did you deal with them? You're removing paint along the edges... was the whole floor painted? What kind of finish are you planning to use? After reading a few articles, I'm thinking a "penetrating oil" (Danish oil?) finish sounds like the best fit, but I'm still trying to educate myself about which way to go.

20 questions isn't the best way to introduce myself and I hope you'll indulge a newbie who intends to stick around.

~ AB

Okeechobee, FL(Zone 10a)

AB, first off I remember my mother and daddy doing this when I was 7 and I'm 59 in 3 weeks.
The sanding is much easier now,than then. I will do my own now, if that makes you feel any more confident.
The main thing I remember is them using the sanding dust to mix with shellac to make a putty to fill the gaps with.

Topeka, KS(Zone 6a)


Thank you... that filler recipe makes perfect sense. My confidence is building now that I've had some responses and have read a little more about the equipment. I wonder what the odds are that Home Depot's rental machines come with video instructions? It'd be great to "see" somebody run the machine to get a better idea about how it handles.

I have some prep work to do before I can dive into the sanding, primarily the removal of vinyl tile from a 6' X 9' section... the hallway (see photo). Once I get them up and scrape off as much stick-um as I can, it's show time! :)

Thumbnail by azurebloom
Okeechobee, FL(Zone 10a)

Okey, dokey,
Removing that tile is something I have done.
Get a heat gun, metal putty knife and a low pressure water hose, with a trigger spray.
Use the heat gun very slowly as to not "Catch the house on fire"!
The water hose is for putting out any fire.
The heat will soften tile and adheasive and make them easy to scrape off that beautiful floor.

Topeka, KS(Zone 6a)


Had to laugh at the water hose part, but then again... better safe than sorry! Thanks again for the advice. I actually happen to own a heat gun, so I'll put it to good (safe) use on this job.


~AB (Deb)

Northport, ME(Zone 5b)

Starting to move in to the new room.

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Northport, ME(Zone 5b)

Yeah, that's Paisley trying out the bed.No closets so...

Thumbnail by Frankay
Okeechobee, FL(Zone 10a)

Looks like you are coming right along.

Moon Twp, PA(Zone 6a)

Looks great! I love the wardrobe too!! ~ Suzi ♥

Way to go, Frank. It looks great!!!

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