I wanna know the name of a plant please!

Durham, United Kingdom(Zone 8a)

my mam used to have a succulent plant which id like to get for her again (and also for me!!) it was a houseplant so its probably tender. It had large icy green leaves bout 5-6" long and constantly sprouted babies all along the edges of the leaves. I can't remember the name of it and its driving me mad!

thanks 8D,


Kamloops, BC(Zone 4b)

Dear Lil,

With little doubt it's a Kalanchoe. Check out web references for Kalanchoe pinnatum, or possibly K. prolifera. For that matter, it could be K. 'Houghton's hybrid'.

It could also be Kalanchoe daigremontiana, which is the most prolific at sprouting what are called adventitious plantlets on its leaves. None of the ones that cactusmcharris mentioned or this one are hard to find. They can be ordered from many succulent mail order nurseries. I would check out Bob Smoley's whose catalog is on line. I know one woman whose N. California greenhouse is infested with them. They come up in all her pots and grow faster than she can weed them. But as a houseplant they are easy and fun.

Valley Village, CA

Please contact me privately, I will mail you the plant. This has light green leaves which are about 6" long. It was the plant I had in my childhood that my mom pinned to the curtain, and it grew babies in time. It drove me nuts until I could find it again. It was located in a crack of cement next to a water spout in the Huntington Gardens Conservatory. I asked for the leaf, held it and actually cried, it brought back so many memories of 60 years ago. The name will be included. Norma
Now how do I get my email address to you? Norma

Durham, United Kingdom(Zone 8a)

thanks crasulady, ive sent you an email. I told my mam i was looking for it and she was really pleased, i think we lost it in a move.


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