Diary/journal public or private?

Port Lavaca, TX(Zone 9a)

I'm mulling over the question again. I'd like to make my diary/journal public but there are always annoying questions about whether it is safe. Any feedback? How has your experience been if you have them public? I want to write as though no one will read it, I want it to be "real" for me as the thoughts pop into my head, not dressed up for company. And I don't want to have to feel that I have to edit my entries in order to be safe. I like "picking" other gardeners brains, so I like to read their entries. It seems only fair that I return that favor.

Dear Barbur,
I like reading my fellow gardeners experiences, perceptions, conscious or half-conscious thoughts, memories and feelings. Itís like I have had some very nice conversations on a comfy garden bench. What a privilege! I guess I like the idea of others being able to get to know me better through my diary or journal too. One of the reasons I come to the garden is for the companionship I have found here. I am very glad that some have chosen to keep a public diary.
Realizing my diary might actually being read by others I became too self-conscious and wrote in a very weird-for-me fashion. I found I even mimicked the style of another writer once! Now that some time has gone by I think I have settled into a writing pattern that is normal for me. Sometimes I do edit my thoughts and it is not pure stream-of-consciousness. But it is normal for me to be reflective. I strive to Ďkeep it realí - true to me. (shouldn't that be effortless?)
Can you tell Iíve been thinking about your question for some time myself?

Lenexa, KS(Zone 6a)

I've kept both my diary and journal public for the very reason that Angele mentioned. I fervently read other's journals before starting my own and for that I was grateful. I don't find myself reading many diaries. Maybe because they are so new, maybe because of lack of time this time of year. I have read a few and it has certainly given me some insight into their authors (I had no idea PalmBob was an artist and vet!).

You can make specific entries in your Diary private, so if you wish to have private entries or tabs you can do that. Maybe that's a solution to your dilemma.

Pearl River, LA

I think it is safe...only gardeners will even find this site....I think we learn so much from the diarys...Ideas of what to plant....what does good, and just general information that we would not have otherwise.....I love the pics....besides it is such fun....

Port Lavaca, TX(Zone 9a)

I've gotten more comfortable with having my journal/diary public. But there is still that thought that I might put in info that someone could use adversly. So I've been using initials instead of names in my diary. And the other day I made an entry private for the first time. The thing is I want to write as though no one is going to look at it--or maybe that I don't care if someone is going to read it. The problem is that thought in the back of my mind about not trusting strangers but then Dave's Garden feels more like a family. I wish we all lived in Mayberry!!!!!!!!! Is Dave's Garden in Mayberry? I hope so!!!!!!

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