I could never do this alone!!!

Payneville, KY(Zone 7a)

Ralph went to the farmers' market this morning, he is still there. At 8:00 a.m. I got a call from the Post Office that they had some chicks there. (we expected them yesterday). I have no car as he took it to the market, so I have to call around to see if someone can go and get them.

Let me back up a tad....a few days ago, we got a call from our chicken supplier, good people at Ridgeway Hatcheries in Larue, OH. He knows we are going to be ordering turkeys in a few weeks, but he has some extra this week he has to find a home for. He said 50 at a very reasonable price and no shipping. :) Of course, we jump at it. He says he has a few stragglers he'll throw in....

Rest of the story........154 turkeys arrived!!!!! Ralph usually does this part of it, so.....he tells me what to do...he has not put up a partition for these guys yet, but just let them run in the greenhouse until he gets home. Sounds easy enough. Fill their waterers, give them some feed. Oh aren't they cute!!!!!!! Famous last words.

I go into the house and let him know they're watered, fed, running around...happy as can be. Then I have to go and water the plants that are still out in the greenhouse. I'm thinking I'll get a picture of these buggers and post on DG. I go out with my camera in hand and there is only about 12 turkeys in the greenhouse. What?!!!!!! I look around and this is what I saw...........

About 135 turkeys running all over the yard, in the barn, in with the pigs.....our hens trying to get in the greenhouse thinking they are their babies.....chicks following hens all around thinking "Are you my Mother?", roosters standing there apparently thinking.....what the heck is this?!!! and two dogs watching very patiently with their tongues hanging out. Did I fail to mention that the cows had their heads over the fence to check out the situation as well?

Well, I ran around and collected (in my T-shirt, not my DG one though :) ) most of the turkeys, put them back in....didn't get a picture. Went in to find out how much longer Ralph was going to be at the market...went back in to water the plants and don't you know that the turkeys are hiding under the leaves and wouldn't get up for me to water the plants. I'm exhausted and I now know I could never do this alone!!! But I did get a picture of a few of them and here it is:


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Baker City, OR(Zone 5b)

Oh my! Delinquent turkeys! I'm sure I had more fun reading about it than you did dealing with the situation!

Payneville, KY(Zone 7a)

While I was typing the last note, I got a call from a neighbor that our cows were out and in her yard. I just got in from chasing them and putting them back in and RALPH IS NOT HOME YET. ugghhhhh

I'm glad you had a laugh :) That's what I like. Kathy

Did I fail to mention that the turkeys were out again, as well?

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Ijamsville, MD(Zone 6b)

Ok, in my head I knew the turkey's you were dealing with were juvenile but the picture I had was giant turkey's in your greenhouse and lots of them! Now, where is that Ralph! did he bring anything good home for dinner?!?


Everson, WA(Zone 8a)

Kathy lol reminds me of the great quail escape around here 200 full grown Bob Whites in high corn singing their hearts out. They went back in at night fall because most of yjem had been loose one time or another. I turned 20 or so loose all the time and they go back in by way of a cone shaped funnel that lets them in but not out. Another great esaped during nesting time and the bad little girls ran off with the bad little boys and straggled home all summer none with chicks.

Yes life on the farm gives you an appreciation for good fences and pens lol. I let 175 heffiers loose a month ago because I let the high school kid with me re hook the electric fence seems he hooke it in the wrong side of the loop lol I thought everyone knew which side to hook the gap wire to. Lucky no roads just another BIL field but it embarrased me.

Onions are sure not growing as well as last year how are yours. Ernie

Panama, NY(Zone 5a)

LOL, only when the men are gone!

Payneville, KY(Zone 7a)

Kathleen, Do you think they know when we are home alone? Geez, they're smarter than I give them credit for!

Blue, Ralph came home about 3:00 p.m. What do you suppose we did for a while....yep, it had something to do with turkeys and chasing!!! He took me to dinner at a great mexican restaurant in town. I told him if they were out when we got home, then they were going to be food for something!!!

Ernie, Onions........well, we lost most of them because of the weather and the ones that we able to plant, well they are doing okay, but it has been so cold around here, that nothing is growing right. I didn't think they were as good of onions as last year, but I'm not ready to throw in the towel on them yet.

Mary, I'm sure you did have more fun........because I surely wasn't!!!

I am pretty darn tired tonight, needless to say. Which begs the question......why do we do this?

Happy Night, Kathy

Baker City, OR(Zone 5b)

To answer your question, "why do we do this"? Because it is better than living in a city surrounded by tall buildings, pavement, people, dirty air and noise. Because it gives us a connection with the earth (goes back to Adam in the Garden of Eden). Because it is a lifestyle filled with joy and sorrow, dirt, mud and snow, dust and spring breezes, blizzards, heat waves and glorious sunsets, planting and harvest, and a sense of doing something good for people that we wouldn't trade for anything. Because it is something we know how to do reasonably well most of the time if the weather, animals and markets cooperate to give us a profit at the end of the year more often than not. Probably there is more but I'm so tired it escapes me right now. Meanwhile, it helps to have a day job with a regular paycheck.

Payneville, KY(Zone 7a)

Mary.....All true. :) Thanks for reminding me...Kathy

After a day like yesterday, who could do a day job...ha, ha. Seriously, at this point, I wouldn't want to be doing anything else. Even day jobs have their days!

Happy Day,

So.App.Mtns., United States(Zone 5b)

That's really funny, Kathy, although surely you didn't think so, LOL.

Hughesville, MO(Zone 5a)

It sounds as tho you had a really 'good time' down on the farm! LOL. I remember that baby turkeys are not the most intellegent creatures GOD ever created. At least not the domestic type that man has had his hand in developing. Wild ones have to be more intellegent or thay would never survive.

Will the dark ones turn white with age?

Payneville, KY(Zone 7a)

Oh my, do my legs hurt today from all that running around...can hardly walk and I'm saying "Dear Lord, don't let them get out today." I told Ralph I have a genuine appreciation for all the work he does with these animals now...of course, he had to come back with "Well, I try to tell you it's a lot of work.." almost outdoing what I do. So I told him I would trade one day with him and seeing that I already had my one day at his job, he could clean the house, do all the laundry, make all the meals, pay the bills, go shopping, feed the house animals, answer all the business emails and calls and do all the paperwork involved in it. And.........plant and pick in the process!!! He didn't think it was equitable...I told him, nope because I do a lot more than him, LOL.

Leaf, the dark ones will look just like Thanksgiving turkeys. All the pictures you see of the beautiful birds with their tailfeathers plumed out, that's what they are and the yellow ones are just white, but pretty.

We lost about 50 of them yesterday for various reasons....but then we got the bill in the mail yesterday. He charged us for 140 turkeys when he said he had 50. I guess you know we'll be making a call on Tuesday. The reality of it is that we only took them because he gave such a good deal for 50 of them. We are a month early to be raising them and still have our June order of turkeys coming to be ready for Thanksgiving. These guys will be too big and have to be done in September and frozen. I'm not happy about that. Messes up our whole schedule.

The ones left did very well overnight and only had one gone this a.m.
Everyone have a great Memorial Day. :) Kathy

Payneville, KY(Zone 7a)

Just rereading this. It turned out to be even more of a nightmare than I posted here. Someday (I'm still trying to get over it), I'll tell the "rest of the story". We ended up with 20 turkeys from that crew!

They had some kind of disease and were paralyzed and had seizures and died. We called Ridgway who told us basically "sorry bout your luck". Nope buddy, sorry bout your luck, we never bought another thing from them. We don't intend to. When the father used to run the place, it was top notch. Now it's gone to pot and I wouldn't recommend them to anybody.

On the banks of the , VA(Zone 7a)

I'm sorry it happened but it made for awfully funny reading. :-D

San Antonio, TX(Zone 8b)

Sorry about the luck.......... that is the bad luck with ridgeway. the story put a smile on my face and giggle in my heart though. Hope and prayer for ya'll and business with the new suppliers.


Payneville, KY(Zone 7a)

calvin, I think that's a riot that your DG name is your name spelled backwards :) What would mine look like....yhtak boy, someone would surely wonder what that meant.

Anyhow, we have just ordered birds from Meyer hatchery and we have turkeys that we purchased from them a bit ago that are doing well, although we've lost about 1/3 of them; turkeys are hard to raise. We will receive 300 chicks in about 3 weeks....our eating birds. yum.

I meant what I said, Ridgway lost a big account with us. And we also bought an incubator and brooder and will try our hand at our own chicks real soon.

Happy Night,
yhtaK (:

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Baker City, OR(Zone 5b)

Kathy, take out the ht and you have yak. :)

The last turkeys I tried to raise pecked and pecked each other to death standing in a circle. Once they got started it was impossible to stop. Later I read that they just needed more room and something to do. A flake of alfalfa to peck at would have helped, and a few brightly colored marbles or rocks to investigate instead of investigating and pecking at each other. Kathy, how do you manage so many? I only had a few, the weather was cold, I had them in a referigerator box laid on it's side with a heat lamp. By the time the weather was warm enough they were all dead.

Verona, ON

Kathy - I just "found" this thread. You had me laughing so hard the tears were running down my face.
Used to raise chickens and on "D" day would rustle them up into the back of the pickup. Warren not a farm boy tried to help once and put a rooster in a box thinking that would eliminate a problem. NOT! It caused several - after I saw Warren chasing the rooster across the barnyard at 5 am all I could do was laugh. That really was rubbing salt into DH's wounds but try as I might I couldn't get that chuckle out of my voice. Miss having the chickens but lost too many to the fox and the fishers.
You and Kathleen are right though - a break away always happens when you are alone. One dry summer our cows got out and headed into town(village actually) and of course DH was gone for a few days. Thank goodness for great neighbours or I would almost be to Kentucky now chasing them!
We used to hatch our own when I was a kid. Mom loved doing it and I was her loyal worker. That's how I ended up with my pet rooster Timothy - used to walk it on a leash.
How are the fainting goats Kathy?

Payneville, KY(Zone 7a)

Hi Dianne :) So good to see you here and so glad I could make you laugh; you needed that!!!

Funny you had a rooster named Timothy; we have a dog named Timmy. Of course, Timmy is named aptly as he is so timid!!!

Most of the goats are doing well; pregnant again. We sold 4 babies and had 4 left, 3 of them boys that Ralph has neutered. They aren't big enough to go to the butcher yet, but I expect Ralph will fatten them up soon. We have two bigger goats that we have to pick up from the butcher soon. They were absolutely beautiful, but were getting into everything and destroying my trees and worse on the roof than the fainting goats thought about being.

Sadly, we lost Jekyl on Sunday. We were keeping her as a pet; so friendly and would always blat for me the minute she saw me. She also had given me many bruises on my legs for jumping on me. She was born in February. We don't know what happened to her, although Saturday night she was fine.
We think she may have gotten snakebit.

:) Kathy

Payneville, KY(Zone 7a)

We took the goats to a friend's farm day. We had them set up as a petting zoo. 2 mommas (due anyday), one of their babies from Feb. and the daddy. The minute the music started (they hired a gospel band), the billy goat jumped ship and ran into the woods. Many guys tried to get him, but to no avail. When the crowd left and the music stopped, again they went into the woods and couldn't find him. (600 acres).... The next night, our friend (he lives in Indiana, that's where we brought them), called and said he had come home from a football game to find our billy goat standing in front of his store munching on mums. We went up and got him.

The funny thing is I did my usual "spoiling" stuff and put saltines in a bag and rustle the bag. They always come running for that. I could see him standing in front of the hay bales and I did my thing. He put his head high, trying to find me when Ralph came around from the other side of the bales, screamed and jumped in the air. The goat was so startled, he fell to the ground, paralyzed and Ralph was able to jump him and grab his horns. We brought him home in the back of our minivan. ;) He was a very good boy too, didn't make a mess on the 1 hr ride home.....although my van smelled like an old goat for a bit.

BTW, Tennessee fainting goats do freeze up and fall over when startled. It is the trait that makes them registerable (is that a word?). We did not harm him in anyway.

:) Kathy

Fort Pierce, FL(Zone 10a)

Misty, I've never lived on a farm (just lurk on this forum), but if I ever do I want to live on yours!!! You have the funniest animals and poultry, this thread made my day! LOL
Pati (the city lurker)

Payneville, KY(Zone 7a)

Pati, you come visit me sometime. :) We'll "farmerize" you....ha, ha...

And the best thing is that all you have to do is sit and watch....I have a beautiful swing you can see it all from.

:) Kathy

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