Couldn't stand it

Kerrville, TX

peeking over your shoulders so I decided to cough up the bucks so I could say hello...another Texan...well sort of...recently moved back home to hot weather and spicy food...All I can tell you is that we are loving it...

Josephine, Arlington, TX(Zone 8a)

Welcome HotnSpicy, you came to the right place. Josephine.

San Antonio, TX(Zone 8b)

Greetings, made the right decision to sign'd miss out on too much otherwise. From what part of the world did you relocate? Yuska

Toadsuck, TX(Zone 7a)

Howdy HnS!! Welcome to the garden!


Kerrville, TX

Thanks for the welcome and the relocate is a long story...We have been in a job situation where we moved about every 5 years so we retired here from a little town north of Boston, Chelmsford, close to the NH border...we had though lived in TX off and on for a long time...every time the opportunity presented itself we came running back...We lived in the Dallas area in a little town called The Colony, in the Houston area in a little town called Hempstead, and we lived for a long time in San Antonio...San Antonio is like home to us both...we both lived there for around 20 or more years...I was familiar with the Boerne area cause I lived in that area so I suggest to husband that we consider the hillcountry for retirement and we are sooooo very happy that we did...We just love it here...everything about it...I can even say after 6 years of snow and ice we even love the heat...

Conroe, TX(Zone 9a)

Welcome to the garden! While some people are born to TX, there are some of us who choose it! We had a Central TX RoundUp in Kerrville near the end of June, hosted by dstartz (Donna) and her DH Ernest. They don't live in Kerrville, but own property there, and plan to retire there. Another active member on this forum is silverfluter (Mary Lee), and her DH Tom. They live nearby in Fredericksburg. We're planning another RoundUp there November 12th, hope you can make it. It's so fun to meet people you've been talking to "through a keyboard", as silverfluter said. We'd love to meet you!

Here's the thread about the the first RU:

And here's the thread about the upcoming RU:

Once again, welcome!!

Kerrville, TX

Thanks...Wow a gathering and so close...I'll make a point to get there and I am looking forward to getting acquainted with everyone here on the forums...

Deep South Coastal, TX(Zone 10a)

Welcome to DG HotnSpicy.

La Grange, TX(Zone 8b)

Welcome back to Texas, HotnSpicy. My husband and I live near La Grange, about 120 miles from San Antonio.

Burleson, TX(Zone 8a)


Fort Worth, TX(Zone 7b)

Glad you could join us!

San Antonio, TX(Zone 8b)

So glad that you decided to join our happy family here at Dave's Garden and that you stopped in to say hello. Welcome.

Richmond, TX(Zone 9a)


Plano, TX(Zone 8a)

Welcome, HotNSpicy (I love your name)!

Fredericksburg, TX(Zone 8a)

Hotnspicy, Welcome to the Hill country! Or should I say welcome back! In any case I'm glad you're here. How long have you been here? Do you have deer to deal with, or can you plant without fear?LOL I will be dividing my iris colonies soon, so if you're interested I'll add you to my list. None are identified, but they bloom well.

You are joining a wonderful group of people-very help, fun, and generous. Hope to meet you soon.

Mary Lee

Kerrville, TX

Thank you silverfluter we arrived last Oct and bought an RV from Ronnie Bock and moved it to our property and started negoiating for the building of our home...We have taken posession of our home and my grounds are bare and mostly mud and dirt so I have plenty of room for plants, especially iris...thiey are my favorite plant although daylillies run a close second and believe it or not...I just love lantana so I'll be planting lots of lantana which as you know is prolific here but Please do put me on your list...I would just love to have some ...I do have deer to deal with on our 5 acres but we also have an Australian Shepard wwho keeps them at bay but my husband had a fence build around "the back yard" so I could garden with out worry of the deer....They march through the property every night going to a neighbors home who feed them but now that Molly has come to live with us...they march through pretty fast...Thanks for the welcome...I'll show you pictures of our place when I have time to look for them...We live off of HWY 16 about 5 miles total out of Kerrville toward Medina...we love it here...

Conroe, TX(Zone 9a)

Wow, that sounds really close to where Donna and Ernest have land, where he had our first RoundUp. Off of hwy 16, severals miles out of Kerrville, towards Medina...

Maybe you guys are neighbors!

Fredericksburg, TX(Zone 8a)

Yes, I have a hunch they are neighbors. We'll have to let Donna know about the new DG'er in her neck of the woods. She'll be very excited.

HotNSpicy, I'll let you know when I'm ready to dig irises. If you could pick them up right after I dig them up that would be great because I wouldn't have to pot them up.

South, TX(Zone 8a)

Welcome HotnSpicy. We were just in Kerrville today. We go quite often. Glad you are enjoying it.

San Antonio, TX(Zone 8b)

I'll have some purple blooming irises (never identified) to which I will be dividing in September. I also have some daylillies Ineed to dig up then too. I will save you some.

Kerrville, TX

Thank you so much....It is so hard starting over and leaving all your plants behind but at least I know that this is our retirement home and when we leave this one, it will be feet first so I can plant away.

Fredericksburg, TX(Zone 8a)

Hotnspicy, I understand. My DH was in the army 11 years. We moved atleast 11 times. He got out of the army and we moved here and bought this house. About a month later, we were still knee deep in boxes and I told him "The next time I move, I'm going out in a casket!"

Okeechobee, FL(Zone 10a)

Howdy from an uprooted, transplanted, homegrown Texan too. When I get lonesome I just drop by here. It's almost like a visit.
You'll love DG.

South, TX(Zone 8a)

HotnSpicy, I just noticed I have a packet of Cypress Vine Seeds if you would like them. There are 10 seeds in there. Let me know. Have a great day! Phyllis

Kerrville, TX

Phyllis, that would be wonderful...I just cannot get over how generous people on this board are...I mentioned on another thread that I loved ditch lillies but that I had been forced to leave mine behind on my move and zap within minutes I had an email from someone sending me some...Thank you for your generous offer...I have a big ugly deer fence and I am trying to find vines to make it less intrusive...I would love to have the seeds. I will send you my address by the message thingy...


Fredericksburg, TX(Zone 8a)

Well, be thankful that you have a deer fence to cover. I hope it's tall enough to keep the deer out. Atleast you can plant without fear.

We live on the edge of town and deer are not far away. We see them frequently across the street looking our direction. We've been here 15 years and they have never come in our yard. Don't know why. DH calls them "rose pruners". I'm actually more worried about my neighbor's goats. He's never had goats before and thinks his fence will keep them in. Fortunately, he's planning to move soon. Mary Lee

Kerrville, TX

Yes I believe it is tall enough...they parade through our property every day going to a neighbors home. Atually two neighbors feed and water them so at night they go over and first thing every morning they come strolling back through the property...I have a feeling they won't bother my yard either because we have an Australian Shepard who is locked inside the fence so the minute she sees them she goes running down the fence line barking at them...You can actually see them looking for our dog...It's like they are standing peeking around a tree making sure she is still in the fence...I can almost imagine one of the does say..Do you see her...No not yet...She must be out there...maybe they are not home and then Bam there's Molly chasing down the fence line...

This morning Molly was raising cane and I went to see what her problem was and she had an Armadillo cornered and was trying to herd it ....Life at the ranch...LOL

Fredericksburg, TX(Zone 8a)

That's really funny. I just had a vision of your dog hearding a bunch of armadillos. LOL. That would be a sight. Keep your camera handy.

Conroe, TX(Zone 9a)

Reminds me of that commercial where the cowboys were hearding cats, thanks for the visual! LOL

I love that cypress vine! Another vine you might consider is crossvine. It's a TX native, evergreen, and has wonderful flowers that attract hummingbirds.

Let me know if you would like some, I'll pot some up here and bring it to the Nov RoundUp.

Kerrville, TX

Maggiemoo pot some up for me...LOL when you have nothing...everything is appreciated...I have 360 feet of fencing to cover....I'm actually using a lot of the fence line for gardening...In fairness I have to share our backyard with the dog...I could fence off the back area for her but prefer for her to just learn what she can play in and what she can't...Thanks Maggiemoo, I'd love some...

Fredericksburg, TX(Zone 8a)

I have gold flame honesuckle that I guess would cover part of your fence. I just got it this spring and don't know how fast it grows or how big it gets. Mine is in a pot because I don't want it coming up all over the yard. I do know that the flowers are sterile. I have Cecile Brunner that certainly would cover part of your fence, but it might get pretty heavy. I also have a Madame Alfred that gets pretty big. Also New Dawn.

Santa Fe, TX(Zone 9b)

We might also come with a few. We also have Cecile Bruner and New Dawn.
Our honeysuckle stays pretty much on the fence. Then there are the Blackberries, and some of our mystery vines that might be snail vines.
So much fence. Welcome and let us know what you would like to have. I have a few Pride of Barbados Seeds now if you would like some.

Kerrville, TX

silverflutter and trois guys are so nice and so generous...I really appreciate your generosity..........the honeysuckles sound great and trois, I would love some blackberries...I like the concept of an edible landscape and would like to add some berries to the yard...Thank you all...

Conroe, TX(Zone 9a)

Trois, I wouldd love some Pride of Barbados seeds! Let me know what you need.

Fredericksburg, TX(Zone 8a)

Hotnspicy, something else you might consider is cannas. I guess they are all deciduous, but they do grow fairly fast and some get very tall.

Aurora, TX(Zone 8a)

Alright'y--I agree with silverfluter.......cannas are GREAT for Texas! Just discovered them (and it's funny how many I notice in my neighbors' yards around town now!). They're awesome for nice tropical foliage (especially Pretoria and Striped Beauty) and the flowers are lovely.

And, if maggiemoo hasn't cleared out any chance of me getting Pride of Barbados seeds??? =)


Santa Fe, TX(Zone 9b)

We will see.

Kerrville, TX

Cannas are good...I love them too...I just hadn't thought of tell you the truth, I have never been in a situation where I had to start from scratch and I guess I am just intimidated by all the space...We also have our home situated rather oddly on the lot so that doesn't help......My thoughts are to maintain the naturalness of the lot but add bits of color and plants to decorate here and there.

I will tell you this too...I have numerous wildflowers on the I have been leaving them and pamperng them in particular spots....but....yesterday my Dearly Beloved Hubster went out with his trusty weedeater and chewed them all up..I wanted to just cry...but then he didn't know did he so I spared his life...

San Antonio, TX(Zone 8b)

I will have Pride of Barbados seeds again this year. The flowers are just now opening and the hummers have already found them. Maggiemoo, I have you and several others calendared for seeds. I will also have hyacinth bean seeds (Dolichos Lablab vine) a bit later. The lavender flowers hang in clusters.

Conroe, TX(Zone 9a)

Are the hyacinth beans the ones that have those beautiful deep purple pods? I love those!!

Do you think you'll be able to join us for the San Antonio Nursery Date on the 18th? And/or the Central TX RU in Kerrville in Nov?

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