New Journal Question

Seaford Victoria, Australia(Zone 9a)

I have just set up my new Journals.
1. Our Garden 2005
2. Seed Catalogue
3. Stock

when I look at the Journal main page it tells me....

You are looking at your "Our Garden 2005" Journal.
You have 24 categories.
You have 0 items.
You have 2 statuses.

As far as I'm aware I have no Statuses (I deleted all of them) and I can only find 12 of my categories under my 2005 journal. The other journals have no categories yet.

Does the system have some problems refreshing the counts?

Also how do I easily set up my todo list. I think this is the best place for me to start cataloguing the things I need to start working on.


The system automatically creates two statuses for you, so those 2 you see are system-created ones.

"Unknown" and "Finished" are the names.


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