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Crinum Lily (Crinum scabrum)

Brooksville, FL(Zone 9a)

Crinum Lily
Crinum scabrum

Crinum scabrum, Milk and Wine Crinum Lily - Seeds forming on flower stalks after the blooms fade. Don't cut down the tall flowers stalks or you'll lose your seeds!

Thumbnail by onalee
Venice, FL

Many of my friends have asked for a cutting from my 5 foot "red crinum lily" When do I cut the seeds? What care do they need. Thanks so much.

Brooksville, FL(Zone 9a)

If they get seeds (if it is a hybrid, it won't form seeds), you wait until the seeds fall out of the covering they are in or the covering turns brown and dries on the seeds sometimes. They are fairly large, white colored, round balls that kind of look like the top of a mushroom. Usually, I wait until they fall on the ground and pick them up. Many times the seed stalk itself will lay on the ground and you'll find the seeds at the end of it when they are ready.


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