San Antonio, TX(Zone 8b)

After a serious mistake and a lot of help (thank goodness for Terry's expertise!) I finally got my cousin shirleygirly on board. My first try at setting up someone else; hope to do it more smoothly next time.

Shirley lives in Tyler and I wasn't sure about the hardiness zone - 8a, right? I don't have a picture of her right now, so here's one of her niece Sara at the Tyler Rose Garden.

Thumbnail by Yuska
Deep South Texas, TX(Zone 9a)

What a cutie patootie!

Hi, Shirley!! Welcome to Daves! says 7b-8a

BTW Yuska, wIll we see you at the SA Nursery Date next Saturday?

Conroe, TX(Zone 9a)

Good job, Yuska!!

Welcome to the garden, shirleygirly! We have another fairly new member from Tyler, wysocki3. Here is a thread she started: Don't be shy, we'd love to hear from you!

Tyler, TX(Zone 8a)

Hi, Shirley...This is wysocki3 (call me "Wy"). I'm from Tyler, too; and I've only been on DG for a couple of weeks. Talk to me!!

Jacksonville, TX(Zone 8a)

Hey Shirley, I'm a 'close' neighbor --- south of you in Jacksonville.
WELCOME to Daves.
Great place to visit, GREAT PEOPLE and Great advice.

Hey Wy --- another neighbor. Neat!

If you guys like Cannas, I have oodles that need a home.
Several different varieties.

Kerrville, TX

I'm a newbie here too so welcome.


Tyler, TX

Thank you Yuska for getting me all hooked up and hello to everyone. Glad to know ya! I quit gardening when we moved from our home of 24 years. But now we've lived here 2 years and I'm ready to fix this place up. It's a house we lease so it needs some work on the landscapeing. I'm enjoying DG very much.


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