Too hot to be outside.

Northport, ME(Zone 5b)

Used left-over 1 by boards. Ripped to square. Timbers for model. Whatsit?

Thumbnail by Frankay
Northport, ME(Zone 5b)

Done for today. 5 lbs of lead will be added.

Thumbnail by Frankay
Northport, ME(Zone 5b)

More hints? I aced Medieval history.If this model was real people would be 4 inches high. It is in the class of siege engines. It's still missing a major part.

Orlando, FL(Zone 9b)

Could this be the frame of a Catapult?

Hope Valley, RI(Zone 6b)

It looks like a Trebuchet. The swing arm is missing though.


My DH is a Medieval history/weapons nut.

Northport, ME(Zone 5b)

sbragonier, you got it. I'm working more towards a functional model than Something that just works. The design is from a wood cut on the internet. It's 3 ft. long. The rest is by eye from the drawing.Haven't figured out the arm or the pivot yet. The counterweight will be 5-7 lbs of lead. Boxed in with wood. The projectile will be a marble or a 1/2" Diam. Lead ball. .50 cal. (May be illegal soon) There is a real trebuchet in England that launches pianos and mini-coopers. Ain't Physics grand?

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