Welcome to the Florida forum!

By popular request http://davesgarden.com/forums/t/523848/


Fort Pierce, FL(Zone 10a)

I'm the first!!!!!...to thank our wonderful Dave!!

Pinellas Park, FL(Zone 9b)

Darn, you beat me Pati.
Thanks again Dave and welcome everyone.

Chicago, IL(Zone 5b)

I'm third out of the gate...Welcome to all....Thanks Dave.

Tallahassee, FL(Zone 8b)

And here I thought my request totally fell on deaf ears and y'all were just ignoring me.




Sebring, FL

This is wonderful
Thank you Dave

Palm Coast, FL(Zone 9a)

Dave, you're the best.....thank you!!!!!


Safety Harbor, FL(Zone 9b)

Davd, thanks for the Florida Forum!

South Florida, FL(Zone 10b)

Dave, thank you, thank you!!!

Spokane Valley, WA(Zone 5b)

It's about time those Floridians quit hogging the Dave's Garden Forum. lol

*ducks and runs back to the other corner of the continent*

Congratulations, ya'll!

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Pinellas Park, FL(Zone 9b)

Watch it Donna or we'll all huff and puff and blow the next hurricane your way!

Spokane Valley, WA(Zone 5b)

hehehe ;)

Crestview, FL(Zone 7b)

Good Deal!! Thanks Dave :-)

Archer/Bronson, FL(Zone 8b)

I actually had to go to work today so I am tardy in my thank yous.

Thank you Dave, we love it!!!


Indialantic, FL(Zone 10a)

Great! I've been wanting a Florida Gardening forum, too.

Thanks, Dave!!


Saint Petersburg, FL(Zone 9b)

Thanks Dave, I'm sure this will be an interesting forum.

Orlando, FL(Zone 9b)

Awesome. Thanks Dave.

Homestead, FL(Zone 10b)

Muchas gracias Dave!

Lakeland, FL

Your the bomb. Thanks, Marilynne

Russell, KY(Zone 6b)

A wonderful addition- thanks!!

Pocahontas, TN(Zone 7b)

Looks like ya'll are gonna have to start sending emails out to all the people who live in FL so you can get this Forum rolling!!!

I would send them for you but I'm busy, busy, busy!!


Pinellas Park, FL(Zone 9b)

I sent emails to about the first half of the Florida subscribers so far.
Will get to the others as time allows.

Panhandle, FL(Zone 8a)

Thanks Dave!
Hello all my fellow Florida gardeners.....

Longboat Key, FL

Thanks Dave.

I'm here, too, -- and "hello" to all FL gardeners. Now make it stop raining.

Pinellas Park, FL(Zone 9b)

No kidding. My plants are drowning up here is St. Pete

Loxahatchee, FL(Zone 10a)

OK - I'm in! I've been bored watching some of the other, mostly temperate, forums.

Rockledge, FL(Zone 9b)

^5 Dave...Thank you.

Sylvia :D

Miami, FL(Zone 10b)

Thanks Dave... I was just thinking last week about how great it would be to have a Florida forum...

Jacksonville, FL(Zone 8b)

Thanks, Dave. We are of our own peculiar sort down here in the swamps and need this forum to speak our language freely.


Pocahontas, TN(Zone 7b)

budgielover - way to go!!!

Now I want you all to get together and see what invasives you can send North, where they will just be ANNUALS. lol lol lol

Proud for you.


Indiantown, FL

Thanks Dave and Hi all, I am so happy to be here!!!
Another Group another Half Hour of Reading a Day!! Yeah!! And I will learn something here!!!


Zephyrhills, FL

Thanks for the invite budgielover. Not much of a gardner, but do spend time reading. Claim to fame is an Australian Tree Fern we've been growing for 10 years here is Zephyrhills.

Elizabethton, TN(Zone 7a)

Thank you thank you thank you!

Fort Lauderdale, FL(Zone 10b)

This afternoon MollyMc (Molly) & Happy_1 (Nancy) & I (Art) had a little GT at my place. They told me about this forum. I am happy to join all of you Florida gardeners at this most welcome place. I thank Dave for creating this place for us Floridians.
Hi there everyone!

Pinellas Park, FL(Zone 9b)

Welcome to the forum Art. You are in great company!

Spring Hill, FL(Zone 8b)

Glad to be here.

Thank You Dave


Lake City, FL(Zone 8b)

Thank you for the Forum Dave!!!!!

Safety Harbor, FL(Zone 9b)

Melm -

Would like to see a photo of your Australian tree fern...Been intrigued by them since seeing one on a Sat. garden show (tv).


Fort Pierce, FL(Zone 10a)

Me too, melm. I love ferns and the Australian Tree Fern is one I'm yearning for.

Jacksonville, FL(Zone 8b)

I'm also growing an Australian Tree Fern in my garden in Jax. It survived temps as low as 28 F on a few nights this past winter. I had covered it with plastic (mostly some old shower curtains) on the coldest nights. I've had it only about 1 year, but it is growing nicely for me.

There is an Australian Tree Fern at the Episcopal Church of the Good Shepherd that I saw when attending their free Sunday night chamber orchestra concerts once a month for the past two months. That tree fern is about 8 ft high with a frond span of about 6 ft. Very impressive! I'm not sure how old it is. The gardeners at the church split up the courtyard into several little "territories" and each gardener takes responsibility for their own section for selecting and maintaing the plants. The area where the tree fern is located is very obviously tended by a master gardener. The plants are all landscaped wonderfully and includes some unusual plants, among them being White Flowering Firecracker Plant (Russelia equisetiformis 'alba') which I didn't know existed until I saw it there! With the rector's permission (unlicensed pilfering and bending my 'scruples' at the church might result in some bad karma), I pinched off some flowering tips of the White Firecracker and brought them home to root. Thus far, they are hanging in there and it looks like I may have this odd variety as yet another specimen to add to my own little version of a "botanical garden."


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