Pinellas Park, FL(Zone 9b)

Here's a pic of my p. incense.

Jacksonville, FL(Zone 8b)

My passion flowers seem to have a deeper purple hue, but I've got to admit, when it comes to passion flowers, I can't tell one from another.


Pinellas Park, FL(Zone 9b)

One of the parents of incense is incarnata which is darker purple.
Does your plants have 3 or 5 leaflets?

Archer/Bronson, FL(Zone 8b)

Ooops, I almost forgot.

Here's the white one blooming today.

Thumbnail by MollyMc
Jacksonville, FL(Zone 8b)

Hi, all.

I started a new thread for the discussion of Passion Vines (a discussion that somehow grew out of our chat about curcumas? - go figure, as long as it is garden talk, I'm interested!) Anyway, maybe it will be easier to find our chat about Passiflores species in the new thread. I had to search through several threads to find out where we were having the Passiflores chat!


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