Dwarf peach trees

Pinellas Park, FL(Zone 9b)

Does anyone in zone 9 grow dwarf peaches.
I have 2 unknown varieties I bought off Ebay a couple of years ago. Seems to go dormant
during the winter. I currently have them in pots. I don't know if they will ever produce or not.

Jacksonville, FL(Zone 8b)

I have a peach tree I bought from Big Lots about 3 years ago. It might qualify as "drawf" from its slow growth rate. It has barely grown any taller than the 6 ft size when I got it, but continues to have more leaves and branches each year. I will need to check to see if it came with an I.D. tag. It makes a few peaches each year. I seem to have less this year, possibly due to the last freeze that came fairly late in the Winter after some things were beginning to make Spring growth.


Indiantown, FL

I have grown peaches here in my area. I am border line zone 9 and 10. The plant grew and thrived for several years. The peaches were a soft type so you had to get to them before the bugs did. It was probably my divorce that killed it, you don't seem to care about much when your going thru hell!!
But that was long ago and I would love to try to grow them again. I think I got mine from Starks at least 25 years ago.


Pembroke Pines, FL(Zone 10a)

I noticed fruit trees for sale at Lowes and Home Depot in the early time of this year. Don't remember exactly when ? Thought it was unusual to have peach and plum trees growing here in So. Fl. so I didn't buy one. Isn't it too hot for such trees ? Wouldn't mind having one or two if they grow ! Anyone have any experience with them ?

Fort Pierce, FL(Zone 10a)

I found this on GOOGLE about FL peaches.

Pembroke Pines, FL(Zone 10a)

Sure would like to grow a peach tree but I'm in So. Fl. and they talk about Central Fl. We never go below 40 where I live..... Oh well ! Guess I'll have to wait until they let us grow oranges again...

Fort Pierce, FL(Zone 10a)

Tplant, this is a quote from this website:

"'Red Ceylon' peach has no chill requirement, and is grown in the tropics" (second paragraph under "General Culture)

Another web-site said they grow them in Cuba!


Archer/Bronson, FL(Zone 8b)

Someone gave me a couple dwarf peach seeds a while back. I planted one and it didn't germinate. I still have one more. hmmmmmmm


Pembroke Pines, FL(Zone 10a)

Thanks Pati ! My feeble eyes missed it. Tough getting old. We live on school grounds in a large pre-fab and the school is renovating and they are going to move us down the line in a few months and I have the perfect spot. I also have a 5' golden mango that we will transplant. Hoping to be allowed to plant an orange or tangerine also.

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