How to copy & paste from DG to MS Word (for us non-tekkies)

Jacksonville, FL(Zone 8b)

I was having trouble copying and pasting things from Dave's Garden pages (jokes, stories, etc.) that I wanted to E-mail to friends until I discovered the "Paste Special" button in the drop down menu for "Edit" (I'm using Windows ME).

I found I can mark the text I want, hit "Edit", then "Copy" as usual. When I want to add the text to an MS Word document to save for E-mail, I hit "Edit" then "Paste Special" then choose the "Unformatted Text" from the drop down menu for "Paste Special." The text from DG then copies from notepad into MS Word.

The typical "Paste" button would give me a message: "An error has occurred...."

I am now able to copy & paste and send along all your great jokes, comments, and other information to friends.

There may be no one else as computer illiterate as I am, but hopefully this info will help a few.



Archer/Bronson, FL(Zone 8b)


I had ME on my last computer and didn't do much copy and pasting. I have XP now and do a lot more. This one doesn't seem to have what you are calling "Paste Special" but doing it the regular way, highlight the desired text, under edit, click copy, then on the new document, put the curser where I want the insert and click on paste.

It's a wonderful feature that saves a lot of time typing things over and over.

Thanks for sharing the info.


Tallahassee, FL(Zone 8b)

You guys are talking about your operating systems (ME vs. XP) which is completely irrelevant to your ability to "paste special." That feature is a function of MS Word and has absolutely nothing to do with your O/S.

Point being, if you want to try out Jeremy's tip, you have to have the same version of MSWord that he does...

For example, I use a Mac, both at home and at work. The Mac version of Word also has this paste special feature.

Just a minor nitpick... don't mind me.

Jacksonville, FL(Zone 8b)

Thanks for the correction, Dogz! You are right. In fact, when I was providing the instructions for copy/paste, I couldn't locate the "Paste Special.." button because I was looking in MS ME instead of MS Word. In any case, it sure beats retyping everything as Molly said. Prior to stumbling on the "Paste Special" button by trial and error, I was very frustrated in my attempts to copy/paste from DG. I was even considering sending (what would have been a dumb question) to the DG administrators asking why it was not possible to copy/paste from DG to MS Word.

There is no problem copy/pasting from MS Word to DG messages. I use that function sometimes when I want to go into one of my (overly) long descriptions of the minutiae of some plant or circumstance. That way, I can save the info (and even do spell check so my true ignorance remains somewhat concealed) and not lose it if my comp suddenly crashes, as it often would before I installed a spyware program that eliminated the hundreds of annoying pop-up windows. When I ran the free on-line system scan from the spy ware site, it found nearly 1,000 different spy ware files on my computer!!! The $39.99 I invested to remove this spy ware saved me (for a little while longer) from having to buy a new computer. I was ready to chuck this one and start over with an upgraded model, but my comp now operates normally, almost like new, most of the time.


Fort Pierce, FL(Zone 10a)

I use "copy" on DG info I want. Then I open my "write" e-mail, and "paste" it there. Address it to myself and put it in the "send later" file. It just stays there until I'm ready to use it or send it on.

I use AOL

Chicago, IL(Zone 5b)


I have been doing the coping/pasting but have not had to use the "paste special" feature. I wonder why the difference, for I also use MS Word....???


Jacksonville, FL(Zone 8b)

It's all over my head when it comes to anything other than basic computer skills, Hap. Maybe DogZ is right, that the problem is specific to my particular version of MS Word, though the MS Word I have was part of the bundled software that came with MS Windows ME.

I was just happy to stumble upon the method and thought it might help a few others that were having difficulties with copying and forwarding DG info to other friends. I think, basically, that it is just one more indication that I need a new computer. This one is about 5 yrs old and, thus, an "antique." considering of how quickly the technology improves year by year. But weighing the options of "new computer" or "more plants," I think you know which way the scale tips! LOL Today's trip to get filters for my central/heat & air, resulted in a trunk load of "gottahaveems:" Alocasia 'Hilo Beauty,'
and an unidentified small leaf chartreuse colored fern that looks almost like Reindeer Moss, a few Buddleias on sale, and some tall pink celosias and a lisianthus on the half-price table. I keep thinking I already have one of everything that is commonly available in the local nurseries, so I feel the need to buy anything new and different (or cheap!) whenever I see it.


Chicago, IL(Zone 5b)

I do think that the nurserys and even WW are getting wise to the fact that we are a bunch of junkies, for I see even them getting "new and improved" varieties that would temp even the strongest. My cousin had an expression that comes to mind....."It's a great life if you don't weaken, but more fun if you do!" Loved her!

Back to the computer. The only time that I have ever used the paste special option is when transfering numbers in the calulations of spread sheets.

Nancy Lee

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