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I haven't been in here for quite a while so just to reaffirm my bad penny status I thought I'd share a couple of baby photos with you.

One of the hens decided to brood the Black East Indian duck eggs this year and we didn't think she would sit full term but she did. True to form for many commerical breeds, she had the mothering instinct of an empty tea cup and tried to kill the 3 hatchlings. After a non-heroic rescue (grabbing ducklings and whispering dire threats to the hen) we had to mother them, two died by the 3rd day but Tweatle survived and is at present sat on my lap preening.

This is a photo from last week, Tweatle is pretending my Mother's waist coat is a wing.

Thumbnail by Baa

Here's Tweatle fast asleep and much smaller and less smelly than (s)he is now ;)

Thumbnail by Baa
Buffalo, WV(Zone 7a)

OMGosh, you're a duck mom! :~D
How cute. Baby ducks are so darling...though I'm sure you don't think so now that it follows you everywhere, cries after you and puts duck poo all over the house!

Baker City, OR(Zone 5b)

Welcome back, Baa. What a cute little duckling you have there. I have heard of hens hatching out duck eggs and then being totally confused and upset when the babies got into a pond or puddle and even enjoyed the water! Does this duckling have a pool to swim in? How do you house train a duck to "go" in only one place. I remember some we raised in the yard who had a fondness for lounging around on our back porch and they kept it in such a mess that we never raised any more near the house. We would shoo them off and rinse the mess off the porch and a few minutes later they came right back. The flowers nearby grew very well.

Panama, NY(Zone 5a)

What a beautiful little duck!(and it's nice to see you - I've been thinking about you a lot lately!)

you might want to check this out apropos of Mary's question!

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So.App.Mtns., United States(Zone 5b)

Hey, Baa... wondered what happened to you... glad to see you back.

Cute duck!

Shenandoah Valley, VA(Zone 6b)

A lovely duckling, and a perfect name.

Fayette, MO(Zone 6a)

Fabulous photos and story! Keep us updated on the process and welcome back!

Hughesville, MO(Zone 5a)

It's good to hear from you again, Baa. Bacy ducklings are so cute. We use to raise lots of them but no more.

southeast, NE

Oh how cute! Glad you posted.

Thanks everyone, I'm going to say he because it's easier than trying to type out two genders, we don't know whether to buy him pink or blue bows yet.

He's currently fast asleep in the cat carrier which is safe-home for at least another week, we're not sure if we are saving him from the cats and dog or vice versa. We take turns to sit in the garden for much of the day with so he gets a chance to run about and play in a deep plant watering tray with water. He sits with us on a towel at night ... hey I'm not keen on wearing duck doings ;)

Ducklings that aren't sat on by a duck usually end up sinking and drowning in swimming depth water because their down is absorbant (to better obtain Mother's oil I suspect) so he's not swum yet. He's not terribly keen on getting his head wet, he spies things in the bottom of the tray and dips a beak in but that's as far as it goes for now. He does love a good bath though and preens a great deal.

They are a messy lot though aren't they! Our neighbour told us the other day his friend once had a house trained duck ... never heard of it myself although we did train the dog to go on the cat litter tray when he was a puppy (the vet said it couldn't be done but you can get them to go on paper in a corner ...... same thing in my book). Anyone house trained a duck before?

Funny really, I was not keen on the idea of having children since I was little and yet have ended up being a 'mother' to hundreds! ;)

Nashville, TN(Zone 6b)

Baa, I love your ducks. I have been trying to find some for our pond. No one has had extras for a while. We had a problem with Snapping Turtles but I think that has been taken care of for a while at least.

I wrote a story for my Grandchildren about three "Best friends" a duck, a kitten and a lamb and their adventures in my flower garden. I am starting to illustrate it. Hope to be finished by Christmas.

Pocahontas, TN(Zone 7b)

picabo - that is so exciting. We wrote a story for a friend's two boys about Peanut our tiny English Bulldog puppy. A couple of teachers are using it for remedial reading classes and one Head Start teacher uses it to read to her children as they look at the computer screen.

When you are finished please consider uploading it to the internet, if you want we can use Peanut's website Uwe'll be glad to do it for you. Maybe you can included pictures of your Grandchildren since the story is for them. (just don't give out last names, or indicate city/state) When kids have their pictures on a website they thing they are famous. lol lol lol


Hillsboro, OH(Zone 6a)

What a pretty baby you have there Baa!

Pocahontas, TN(Zone 7b)

Baa - such a cute little duck and what a warm heart you have.


I keep thinking I've answered threads when I haven't! I was warned that once I reached 30 my memory would start to go ...

Picabo, I do remember thinking what a lovely idea for a childs book (I'm very keen on books for children), are you a published author or is this a new venture?

Thanks Badseed :) Hes not so pretty right now, his feathers are starting to come through and he looks somewhat like a small splat when he sits down and tucks his head in *G*.

Thank you Judy, I'll confess.

I'd got a pretty good inkling that a small number was not going to be in any way an easy task so I did make the suggestion that we took him and his two siblings to a farm with the proper equipment for them the day they hatched. By that time, I'd already had a chick raising set mocked up in the form of a cat carrier, some straw and news paper, a bag of chick crumb, two bowls and a 150W halogen lamp for heat. My Mother decided we should try for another day before packing them off ......... Mom was working part time but suddenly was offered a full time job and since I work from home ........................ I've been stuck in this house for 4 weeks!!! He's adorable and sweet and well worth the effort but I'll definitely not be allowing the hen to sit next year, the ducks can look after their own! He's a lot of hard work and I feel sorry for him because he's not got a little friend to go and be a duck with.

Poor old Bo the dog has a nose that's out of joint, particularly since we have to take the duckling on our walks. Tweatle is crammed into my coat pocket, squeaking in annoyance and pecking at the pocket buttons. He'll be too big for that soon!

Tweatle, now called Beetle was 1 year old today!

We bought him his own lettuce, yes I know last of the big spenders in this household but what do you buy the duck that has everything? I prepared a fresh 'pond' complete with duckweed soley for his pleasure, then he came in the house tonight and sat watching the telly and then dozing off until about 9:30pm. I was trying to watch a documentary on Gilbert White and Beetle was squeaking to go to the duck pen! Still he was the birthday boy and around here tha means he was king for a day.

So.App.Mtns., United States(Zone 5b)

How marvelous!

Fayette, MO(Zone 6a)

that is so cool.. any birthday photos?

Hillsboro, OH(Zone 6a)

And are you still brave enought to have him perched backward on your head??? :)

Happy Birthday Beetle!

Panama, NY(Zone 5a)

LOL, now see, I could live with a duck like that - - - or not, hmmm.

Thanks Everyone :)

Badseed, not my head but he does sometimes sit on my shoulder, he likes a cuddle, he talks to me or preens my hair or even tucks his head under my chin or hair and goes to sleep. When not perched on his mobile tree he follows me about directing operations like nagging me to go into the front garden to dig a hole or telling me off for wearing the wrong shoes etc (he has a peculiar interest in shoes, particularly the right shoe which he either adores or hates)

We noticed a while ago he adjusts his favourite duck's feathers for her if they are a little untidy, something we've not seen the other drakes do, perhaps he's a 'new duck' LOL

Kathleen you know you only have to say the word *G*

Here's the birthday photos KathyJo!

This photo was meant to be of the foxgloves and I hadn't noticed Beetle in the background waiting for the pool to fill up until I downloaded them today.

Thumbnail by Baa

Here he is dashing about under the water, only his tail feathers above the surface!

Thumbnail by Baa

Lastly here's one of him preening his tail feathers. He's just into moult at the moment and he pulled out his curly tail feather.

Thumbnail by Baa
Baker City, OR(Zone 5b)

Awww, that is such a nice story. He turned out to be a very handsome fellow.

Panama, NY(Zone 5a)

lol, I could put him in with the puppies!

Thanks Mary *G*, we think so too but then we are biased! He has a genetic fault in that his wings do fold properly but he holds them wrong most of the time, either that or he's just being lazy.

Kathleen he'd love that, plenty of creatures to boss about seems to be his idea of a great time. Or you could send all those puppies here :):):) LOL

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