Favorite Orlando area nurseries?

Chapin, SC(Zone 7b)

What are your favorite nurseries in the Orlando area? Mine have got to be Lukas out on Slavia Rd. in Oviedo and Apenberry's on Edgewater in Orlando. They are both very orderly and on the more expensive side, but a treat like going to the gourmet grocery. I also love the Winter Park Farmers' Market on Saturday mornings where some great deals can be found.

Know any other great deal places?


Archer/Bronson, FL(Zone 8b)


I thought you were looking for one and I was going to tell you Apenberrys.

My DB and SIL took me there when I was up for the Jacksonville Roundup in May. I loved that place! Got a Chinese Wisteria, agastache and a veriegated La. Iris plant. I found their pricing to be average, but then I can only compare to nurseries down here in my area.


mid central, FL(Zone 9a)

has anybody been to the GardenStop in Mt.Dora? i went once-wonderland. im not familiar yet with prices in this area, so i dont have anything to compare them to. trees seemed awfully high dollar. havent even attempted the orlando area yet. still scouting around here. debi

Wildwood, FL(Zone 9a)

Mt. Dora is a high dollar area.

There is a nice garden show/sale there every spring that is worth attending.

(Zone 9a)

I try not to drive into Orlando. I like the Cabbage Patch on Hwy. 50 in Clermont. I bought three Texas Sage bushes on a whim (I liked the silvery leaves and velvety texture). The price seemed to be about the same as Home Depot's. I also like Smith's in Groveland/Mascotte, where I bought some Confederate Jasmine. I'll have to try the ones mentioned here. My newest plants came from a landscaper--Margal Enterprises because it was too hot for me to do the work myself, and my yard really needed refreshing, but that was very expensive. I could have gotten more plants buying and installing them myself, but they did do a good job of clearing out some overgrown and unhealthy shrubs. All the plants are doing well, but I don't like the tea olive. I should have asked for a healthier looking one.

Casselberry, FL(Zone 9b)

There is a fabulous nursery that sells all sorts of fruit trees and other landscaping bushes and plants for great prices in Osteen - 415 to Enterprise Rd (leads to Deltona) It is called Pells - http://www.pellcitrus.com/

Apopka, FL

The two nurserys mentioned are like going to a gourmet for plants. Start planning on going to the plant shows in this area. One is Leu Garden plant show in March 25th 2006. The Garden is free to enter on that day, but let me warn you. Bring a wagon or something like that and wear walking shoes. You will be very excited about all the new and unusual plants you see there. If you need more info on other local plant sales or If you need help on other plants to put in your yard and where to get them, just send me an e-mail.I am in the Apopka area and would love to help you.

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