Crinum with crinkled leaves.

Brisbane, Australia(Zone 10a)

My neighbor has a Crinum asiaticum that was buried by sand during the hurricaines last fall. She excavated it a while later. In the spring, it put out weirdly groved leaved. She lives on the beach and the crinums are on the ocean front side of the house. Any idea on what happened?? BTW, the plant has since put out normal leaves and is doing fine.

Thumbnail by barksy
Archer/Bronson, FL(Zone 8b)


I was waiting to see if someone came in here with an educated response, lacking that, I shall give it a shot based on simple observation.

We have had some unusually wet weather this year alone. Many of my plants have been opening their leaves and blooms in a very strange manner. Sometimes they are crinkly, sometimes the blooms are puckered and sometimes they just fall off without blooming at all.

I would call this "stress reactions" and certainly the hurricanes of 2004 and being buried in sand would qualify as stress to the crinum.

Since the plant has grown some foliage in the normal fashion, I would guess it has recovered from the stress.


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