Moving Brugs In Florida

Lakeland, FL

Okay gardening gurus-- Can you transplant brugs any time in fla.? Or is there a certain time? to move? Cork

Lakeland, FL

okay,change the subject. Here is a pic of my bop. It has a lot more blooms coming, two years old. Cork

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Lake City, FL(Zone 8b)

Corky - I'm not an expert on brugs, but have moved them at different times of the year with success. How big is the one you are planning to move? Mine were not that large and hadn't been in ground for long. I just had to water heavily - in this heat I would probably wait till cooler weather. If you are worried - you could always take cuttings.

Your bop looks great - I'm still waiting for mine to bloom.

Lakeland, FL

Well about 2 ft. tall-- lost all it's leaves, came back putting out nice healthy leaves but not in a happy place? So i guess I will leave it there until cooler and move over by other brugs. I guess it is lonely haha. Thanks, Cork

Archer/Bronson, FL(Zone 8b)


I left your question alone waiting for someone with more experience to come look.

Juja's comments jarred my memory. Last year about July, I planted my 2 brugs in the ground at the old house. Because I had to move, by September, just after hurricane Francis, I dug them both up, brought them over here and put them in the ground again. That would be the day after Labor Day.

I watered them every day for the first two weeks and they were just fine.

May I suggest that when you dig them up, put them in pots and move them around until you find the spot they like the best. Then plant them again. Just keep them well watered.


Crestview, FL(Zone 7b)

corky.. where you live in florida you can move it at any time... here in the frigid north we are limited by our freeze backs..

(Zone 9a)

I have moved my Brugs all times of the season with little to no problems.. They always bounce back... I normally water it about 30-45 minutes before I dig them up to help keep tugor in the plant.. so it doesnt go limp.. in smaller plants I have also utilized a anti-wilting compound. Spraying the leaves on both sides, and letting it dry, then watering then digging..


Jacksonville, FL(Zone 8b)

I recently transplanted a gift brug from Grakey, brought to me by way of Sugarweed (I love the way our plants move around the state and the country from those with plenty to those in need!). I had planted the brug in a pot around March or so. The brug orphan had come to me as a rootless stem division. I was amazed when I tried to get it out of the pot a few weeks ago (after only about 4 months of growth)how much root growth had occurred! I was expecting a few roots right around the stem. Instead, I found the thick fibrous roots had just about completely filled the pot. I broke part of the lip off the 30 gallon clay pot trying to get a shovel under the roots to pry the brug out.

So, my suggestion in moving your brug is to dig much further out around the plant than you might normally anticipate where the root ball would end. The brugs seem to root easily and extensively.

My brug, transplanted in July, despite all the damage to the roots, transplanted o.k., after recovering from normal "transplant shock." It hasn't flowered for me yet, probably because I took energy away from flowering for its recovery and new root growth, and Sugarweed recently informed me that brugs are heavy feeders, so I'll start pumping it up with Milorganite on a regular basis to coax out some flowers, along with my bananas and Bird of Paradise, which I'm told are also heavy feeders. (By the way, one of my bananas seemed to respond well to a big handful of fertilzer around its base last month. It now has a big spike of bananas, the first time I've gotten flowers and fruit to appear on a banana tree!)


Lakeland, FL

Thanks Jeremy. I am going to fertilize my plants this week end. I am so far behind feeding them, just stay so busy. I was using milorganite and am now a alfalfa horse feed fan. I have noticed this rule tho : The smaller the plant the weaker the alfalfa tea. I learned this by trial and error. Corky

Elizabethton, TN(Zone 7a)

I'm glad you asked this question... my brug that I'm thinking of moving is 6 1/2 feet tall though, and its going to be a big job just to manhandle that puppy around, plus I'll probably lose a lot more of its root system. I was thinking of cutting back when I move it (like I don't have enough stuff rooting in pots.) I should prolly post a question on the brug forum, but I'll wait until the roof is done and the pond re-do because honestly, it may be next year before I move it.

How's that for a run-on stream of conciousness pre-coffee sentence?

Palm Coast, FL(Zone 9a)

I transplanted a 6 ft brug last year to the front of my home, and really didn't think it would make it......altho, I gave it every thing I could think of to sustain its growth, and keep it from going into shock.
Picture below is the brug before it was transplanted.......and, the following post shows this brug saying....looks like I made it, even tho I only have one lil blossom......

O, and btw, the root system from where I dug sprouted an entire new brug, and since this one is one of my favs, I'm happy.


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Palm Coast, FL(Zone 9a)

This is the same brug transplanted!

Poor thing........I feel it's telling me, no matter what you did, I'm gonna make it! :) And, it did!

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Palm Coast, FL(Zone 9a)

And, this is the newly sprouted brug! Its parent is in the front yard now!

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Tallahassee, FL(Zone 8b)

OMG, you guys are scaring me.

I have this monster brug -- have never grown them before last year. Last year, it got to maybe 4 feet and didn't bloom or anything, so I thought all was well.

This year, it's well over ten feet and rapidly approaching 12. I rarely water it and have NEVER fed it anything. Ever. Right now, Monster Brug is loaded with buds about about to pop out all over. It is quite beautiful and I do love it.

The bad news is: It couldn't be more than two feet away from my house. I had NO idea it would get this big, especially on neglect. The main stem is probably 2-3" in diameter. It's slowly hiding my gas meter, and I'm sure I will be hearing from the meter reader in no time. I really ought to move it.

What do I do with this thing? I'm perfectly willing to get out a bow saw and hack it to pieces (rooting the pieces, of course, so you all can have some). And then move a much smaller version of it to a better spot. If I do that, will the rest of the root ball that I will have to leave in the ground actually put up new shoots? I have this terrible, creepy feeling that I've made a really huge mistake with this plant... :>)

Lakeland, FL

Well, my big brug I cut back in Sept. Leave forks of course. Than I root branches and either give them away or replant along side of my house. Mine went ape this year to. I only fed it twice w/ horse feed. Marilynne

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