Kangaroo Paw Fern (Microsorium diversifolium)

Cincinnati, OH(Zone 6b)

Kangaroo Paw Fern
Microsorium diversifolium

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Dallas, TX

Do you have to winter this fern inside?

Cincinnati, OH(Zone 6b)

Yes it is very tender.
Unlike a lot of tender ferns though it is VERY forgiving.
We have three in hanging pots that maybe get watered once a week in the GH.
If you miss watering they will droop and tell you it's H2O time.
If they do too long they will go dormant, waking up w/ a good drenching.
Most tropical ferns just shrivel up and die.


Sun City, CA

I've acquired one from my sister who had it in a 10" high tiny pot and I repotted it today. There are long...what looks like roots, coming from it. In some spots are leaves coming from them. If I bury one, will it grow?
I'm in California and noticed they don't grow here, but it will be on the patio and I'm courageous. Anything special I need to know? Need a lot of room? Misting? Food? if so, what type.

Virginia Beach, VA

A few months ago, my mother in law gave me a plant that she has had for over 30 years! She didn't know what it was but, after much rooting around (no pun intended), I believe that it is a kangaroo paw fern. It had been poking along for a number of years before I got it but after carefully repotting it, I put her in a pretty shady spot on the terrace. I have kept a watchful eye on her and she has had a rebirth! There are over a dozen new fronds coming up and several of the larger new leaves have spores on them! Would love to hear any suggestions for continued success with my new 'baby'! I am in Virginia so I know I have to bring her inside for the winter. Any tips concerning that would be great!! Thanks, Susan

Cincinnati, OH(Zone 6b)

Susan if your MIL has had the plant for that many years she's FAR better informed than I to give tips ...lol!
Just watch the water and sun. New fronds and spores you, are well on your way!
We freshen up the soil each Spring and off they go.
A VERY forgiving fern.

Good Luck!

Summerfield, FL

I have 2 Plants, that I am experimenting with, and have only had since Spring. I see that the Northern owners, advise Wintering inside. Does anyone here in Central Fl. have one and do you bring it in in Winter, as well? We are in Zone 9. Thanks, Valerie

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