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CLOSED: Whodat eatin' my plant?

Fremont, CA(Zone 9a)

Cool false eyes. Any idea what it might become?

Thumbnail by PotEmUp
Fremont, CA(Zone 9a)


Thumbnail by PotEmUp
Noblesville, IN(Zone 5a)

Don't know what it is but it is pretty darn cute.

Churchill, Victoria, Australia(Zone 10a)

That is the caterpillar of the Eastern Tiger Swallowtail (Papilio glaucus)

Belfield, ND(Zone 4a)

He is cute. Kinda looks like a little green lobster. LOL

Shepherd, TX(Zone 8b)

No, I am a big green, yellow-eyed snake! Fear me! Fear me, all ye birds, or I shall have to stick out my tongue and force you to smell my nasty, musty scent!

(For real, they have a bifurcated thingy that comes out from above their heads, and it STINKS!)

Belfield, ND(Zone 4a)

LOL QueenB, you even have me scared of him now.

mid central, FL(Zone 9a)

im not getting that close to smell the top of its head! ROFLOL debi

Fremont, CA(Zone 9a)

Thanks, it looks like the correct id. I like that bugguide site, very nice. I do have several birch, which I guess it must have fallen from.
Next Question:
How did it get to the West Coast?

Range: Eastern North America from Ontario south to Gulf coast, west to Colorado plains and central Texas.

(Arlene) Southold, NY(Zone 7a)

Bifurcated? Are we allowed to use that language on DG?

Churchill, Victoria, Australia(Zone 10a)

Sorry, I should have looked at your location. Yours will be the Western Tiger Swallowtail (Papilio rutulus). The bugguide site did not have any caterpillar pictures for the Western, but here is a picture I found on the web. It is very like the Eastern's caterpillar.

Fremont, CA(Zone 9a)

Thanks again. I did some searches and could not come up with anything like that. Interesting that it is a Checkoslovakian site with a photo of a caterpillar from Whistler, British Columbia. The internet is truly amazing.

Shepherd, TX(Zone 8b)

Only when I know you're going to be here, pirl!

Sebastopol, CA(Zone 9a)

Amazing doesn't begin to describe it. The most informative Lewisia site I've found is in Cyrillic. Handy for me, but not that useful for most people.

Edited to explain why this is amazing: Most, if not all, Lewisias are native to the Western United States, but the Website is in Russia.

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