SOLVED: My H2O bound Hoya

Bay City, MI(Zone 6a)

this actually started in another forum because I want to know if anyone can help me make this grow.
I hesitate to put it in soil as the friends plant I recieved it from 17years ago was grown only in water. but it has stayed the same size or close to it for all these 17years.
Also I do not know what kind it is so if you can help with either question I would appreciate all the help I can get. Note the pop can is there for sizing. This is it's bad side but I wanted you to see the roots. I moved it to this bigger jar about 2 years ago thinking maybe that was the problem.

Thumbnail by old_rose
Elizabethton (Stoney, TN(Zone 6b)

I would experiment with part of it and plant it in soil and fertilize it, etc. 17 years is an awfully long time to not have any growth.

Macclesfield, CHESHIRE(Zone 8a)

It looks like hoya carnosa and you're right GL it shouldnt be left in water. My reference book says "grow in a coarse, open medium that is free draining !!

I would certainly get it into soil, which should help it put on some growth - mine make about a couple of feet each year and have to wound round supporting wires to keep it in check. If you are nervous about losing it, take some cutting - they are easy. Simply cut off some of the long stems (semi ripe) and put them in a closed propagator with gentle bottom heat. Dont let them be exposed to direct sunlight (they wilt pretty easy). Good luck

El Tel

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