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Concord, NH(Zone 5a)

Our city did a compost give away for the 1st time yesterday. Was supposed to start at 9. We got there at 9:02 and it was more than half gone already.Apparently people where there before the organizers. Was kinda a cluster but did get some. They said they will be doing it in the spring again

erie, PA(Zone 5a)

Several years ago my town started giving away free compost. A good friend filled up his pick-up with about 3 yards and brought it over to my house. While shoveling it out of his truck, I filled a 33 gal. trash can with plastic bottles, rocks, bricks, diappers, cans, broken glass etc. Everywhwere I put the compost, weeds sprang up like crazy, worse than ever. Thats when I started making my own compost. I hope you have better luck with your city composting than I did with mine. Also, other gardners I talked to had the same problems with the compost as I did. Gil.

Concord, NH(Zone 5a)

Wow I hope I have better luck too. I have put it pretty much in one spot due to a real low place. However so far I havent found any junk. I would love to make my own but when I put up a home made container the landlord told me I lived in a mobile home community not a trailer park. He gave me a letter saying if I didnt remove it that I would be evicted. There were people doig a survey at the giveaway so I told them of my dilemma. And which park. We have loads of maple trees and send alot of yard waste to the dump. The city is looking to cut cost so maybe they can pressure him to change his mind.

erie, PA(Zone 5a)

Yeah, landlords can be a real pain. I had to put up with a few little dictators myself. They think you are second class because you are renting and that their property is God's little acre. Well good luck with the city compost and the" laird of the manor!!! " Gil.

Concord, NH(Zone 5a)

Thanks, his wife has retired and is spending alot of time on the property. I suspect there is something going on. She is sweet and he is well himself so we will see.

saugatuck, MI(Zone 6a)

wow! as far as i know our village doesn't compost but oo how i wish they did. i do get truckloads of woodchip delivered for free every spring after 'cleanup' of winter treekill. it's not the best but allright for the base work on the pondbank project (disease contamination not a worry there). my mooching saves the village dump fees...GRIN...i am always glad to help LOL.

why couldn't you take their compost and recompost it? if you ran it up to tempreture wouldn't that solve the weed seed problem?

Concord, NH(Zone 5a)

I think it musta been up to temperature as I was barefoot shoveling it and it was still real warm. I think it will be fine really. There wasnt any junk it it. I just wish I could compost at home, maybe will have to get a fancy composter to get around the dumb landlord

saugatuck, MI(Zone 6a)

lol nanners. i have found (so far) a sewer PVC cleanout pipe, several plastic/wire utility dig flags, a couple of small child's toys...the stuff of fiction? about composting in cattle wire cages? this keeps the pile tidy and if compost is turned properly (as i'm sure YOU know and landlord doesn't) it has no odor or pests--it 'cooks' faster too.

maybe you could go out and come in another door on the problem? like spearheading a "neighborhood cleanup & beautification" program there? heh heh...seems responsible composting would naturally follow along with recycling, trash removal, etc....and the more neighbors you have planting flowers and veggies, the more on YOUR side...

*slightly evil grin*

in my experience, the people against composting are the ones who aren't gardeners and really don't understand it--they understandably fear stink and mess and pests (piles of garbage, ya know) sure there are brochures to educate and probably free from somewhere.

Concord, NH(Zone 5a)

Well if I bought a fancy dancy composter I dont think he would say a thing. BUT his MIL just put a brand new double wide in the back. Saw he admirinf my Calla Lily in a pot next to my driveway when she was out walking with her daughter. (Landlords wife) Her lot hasnt been landscaped so I may have to offer her some plantings. He and his wife are opposites.Thinking I have a better chance with the MIL/daughter

Okeechobee, FL(Zone 10a)

Now you're seeing the possibilities.
Excellent plan.

Pleasureville, KY(Zone 6a)

Nanners, go for the "kill with kindness" attitude, gets them everytime.!!

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