Tuberous Begonias?

Dillonvale, OH(Zone 6a)

I bought what the woman at the farmers market called a tuberous begonia a while back. It has bloomed steadily, and is so pretty. It is going to die this winter, or can it be overwintered in the house? I know absolutely nothing about it. Any help would be appreciated.
Here is a picture of one of the blooms, it has these and then some that are 2x this size. This is taken in macro mode, so its bigger than life


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Huntington Beach, CA(Zone 10a)


After the plant dies back in the fall, stop watering it. You then can do one of 2 things....keep it in it's pot and bring it in to the house or some place so it doesn't freeze...or you can take it out of the pot and put it in some dry peat moss like you would put your tender bulbs. When it starts to warm up in the spring, you can start watering it again and it should sprout for several years.

The trick is to not keep it wet while it's dormant or it will rot on you.


Dillonvale, OH(Zone 6a)

Thanks so much Donna, I really appreciate it. I wasn't even sure if I should post here or the perennial forum LOL
I'll bring it in

Thanks again

Huntington Beach, CA(Zone 10a)

Your welcome.


Lamar, AR(Zone 7a)

Mine did not turn out so pretty. In fact, I think I'll give all of mine away in trades.

I was not impressed at all.

Metamora, IL

I LOVE tuberous begonias! The problem is they end up either rotting from too much water or drying up and dying from too little water. Can't seem to get it right.

Northern California, CA

These are wonderful plants! Here in 10A Northern California they stay in the ground full time, die back during the rainy season and reappear each Spring as surprises sprinkled around the garden.......the last red one is a dragon-wing that snuck into the picture. :-)

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Dillonvale, OH(Zone 6a)

Mine is in a hanging basket, inside the house now and still blooming :)
I love it, and want to get some more

Aurora, TX(Zone 8a)

I'm just so embarrassed to share that I bought about 4 of these tubers in the spring. I was so excited to start them.........they never sprouted a thing! What did I do wrong? I also bought three 4incher pots, and yep.......they croaked too. Just makes me sick.

I can grow the rest, but this begonia just won't hang w/me. =(

(Zone 7b)

Posted this in Canadian Gardening before realising this forum was here - I've had these for years, and they are getting huge - can I divide them? If so, when? And how? help!

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Carlton, PA

Should I wash off my cannas before storing them for the winter? I live in zone 5.

Dillonvale, OH(Zone 6a)

You'd probably do better asking in the canna forum... I have no idea


Boxford, MA(Zone 6a)

Is the begonia grown from bulbs the same as a tuberous begonia? I bought a bulb of a "camilla flowered" (sp?) begonia this spring, and it grew huge "angel" wings and the most ridiculous big red blooms! (They are pretty but they look fake- like a clown buttoniere that squirts water!) I brought the whole plant in b/f 1st frost, and it doesn't seem very happy. The foliage is wilting. Should I trim off the foliage and stash it? Will the foliage rebound to become a good houseplant? It is clearly in shock.

Gisborne, New Zealand

Jax4 I decided to answer your question 4 you. Your whole plant may hay had a cold blast sometimes this is enough to tell them to go to bed for the winter . They are very susceptable tio temp changes. It is probably too late but it's best to lrave leaf growth on until plant either rejects it and it drops off or it withers right down and you can then remove it. The goodness in this growth goes back into the plant it
is then stored in the bulb over the winter. Same as for other bulb grown plants. Each year the bulb gets bigger so the plant and flowers
also get bigger and this is helped with the storing of extra food. Once the leaves have gone keep the bulb dry. Come spring I sit them on a tray in front of a sunny windw and when the temp gets high enough it will start send up small growths it is now time to pot up ready for another year of beauty. hope this helps. sorry about mistakes. getting a little cross eyed and cross fingered I think. Lesley

Boxford, MA(Zone 6a)

Awchid, thanks so much!
I tossed the bulb. I don't have much luck w/ overwintering bulbs; my dahlias get bleached and wrapped in plastic, and even then, I lose about 50%.
All of my begonias are languishing! I'm not sure if the Rex begonias are tuberous, but I have 3 gorgeous ones that are hanging on to a few leaves- I pray they'll make it to spring b/c they are stunning.
The whole problem is my house is just too dry.

Gisborne, New Zealand

Jax Hi If rooms are too dry put pumice or little stones on a tray or in a container about an inch could be enough and add water to the hight of the stones then sit your container on this. It will lift the humidity for the plant as the water evaporates. make sure the water level is kept up. I have humidity loving plants and this is how I cater to them. For a couple I have nice pottery vases I fill them with pumice unyil the plant pot will fit snuggly in the top,add the water, sit in my pot plant. They cope with yhe dry rooms and seem to thrive, you could give it a try. You have nothing to lose eh. good luck. Lesley.

Northern California, CA(Zone 9b)

You know what I do with the plants that need lots of humidity, I bag them!! I take a clear plastic bag, fill it with water, drain it then place the watered but fully drained pot in there and close the bag, airtight. I then put it on my seedling table under lights and leave it there for months. Rex begonias just flourish!! Then in spring you unbag them and then out they go.

Boxford, MA(Zone 6a)

I have a dry house, but the bigger problem is: TOO MANY PLANTS!!!! I have dozens overwintering in plastic storage tubs w/ pebbles and water, some are bagged, too. I can't keep up w/ watering them all!!!
Not surprisingly, my oldest and largest plants are sansevieras, philodendron, succulents and my spider plants. Anybody any fussier is in for a hard time! I toss them as they die off and see who is alive to go outdoors in spring. Sort of a plant concentration camp I'm running here!

Gisborne, New Zealand

I think we all suffer from tooooooo many plants I know I do. Then the next time we see something we like we find a good reason for why we should probably have it. The other day I bought a new tuberous begonia, it is quite large. When I got it home I found that the possy I
was going to hang it meant that every time I went out on the veranda I would have had to go on hands and knees. So it is now hanging off the plum tree, first night a thunder storm-- shock treatment, anything will be quite pleasant now. Its orchids that I have to keep humid, but they flower for me and thats all I want. Lesley

Boxford, MA(Zone 6a)

What temp. zone is New Zealand? I have always wanted to visit- it looks beautiful. What is a possy?
I have a number of trees- they make excellent hanging-plant posts in the summer! It's winter here now, and we have several inches of snow cover. The stupid oil heat-forced hot air heating system I have is what dries out the plants. Since it's been a very cold winter, the heat has been on too much. Orchids could only survive in a greenhouse around here! I do love snow and skiing, though!
My pond a few weeks ago...

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Gisborne, New Zealand

Snow and ice are so picturesque and I would love to be there with a camera. But the thought of the heating bills and the mess it leaves when thawed is scary. Your photo really tells it how it is. I hate the heat I can't shed enough clothes to cool down a nice cool breeze
is heaven sent. Your cold weather is too extreme for me, I like a happy medium. Our climate here is temperate, warm to very hot summers, cool to very cold winters with the odd frost thrown in. I'm also 3--4 mins from the sea so it can be very humid. I really have to watch my begonias and new rose growth for mildew. This last year I was able to leave my orchids outside all winter with only the special ones under cover. My heating is vented gas thays fairly dry too, but at least i can have the doors open most days during winter.

Boxford, MA(Zone 6a)

I am lucky to be close to the ocean as well. My childhood home overlooked Ipswich Bay and we had a neighborhood beach!!! I also live 10 minutes from a small ski area, and about an hour from the bigger ones, so I feel that this area of the States has everything!
I still want to see New Zealand!

Gisborne, New Zealand

Hi Jjax, you never know one day your wish may come true, its a beautiful country and I would just like to see the South Island. I hane'nt been many places at all. We never seemed to have the time and now when I could ,, well we will see. You wanted to know what a possy is. It's a particular place. You have a particular chair - well thats your possy. I had a ceiling hook with nothing on it , that was going to be my new begonias possy. I am enjoying word meaning differences also the difference in common names. My garden encyclopedia has
been working overtime.Good tho . 2zeus did you find out about dividing your begonia bulb. I have done it with some of mine , seems yo have worked alright theyre alive and flowering. As long as you have some of the centre where the growth shoots from , on the potion removed it will grow. I usually start just by cutting bulb in half. I sprinkle flowers of sulphur lightly on the cut and sit where the bulb cut will dry and seal. I usually do this mid to late winter. Kell I loved your hint on bagging rex b's over winter I tried for years to grow these.
They would last 2-3 years then slowly go back until I gave up. I filed rex b's in the too hard basket. There were plenty more plants that really did want to grow for me. Perhaps I should give them another try out. Lesley.

Boxford, MA(Zone 6a)

"Possy" is an excellent term!!! Very Usefull!!! I need more possys for plants in my house.

I just ordered 3 more of the camilla-flowered begonia bulbs, in pink this year. I really loved the plant I had!
Begonias are really an amazing group of plants; from those w/ the swollen caudices to Rexes. I want one of every kind I see... Too bad the little "bedding" types sold in 6-packs are what most people think of when they think of Begonias. Those are the most boring type, IMHO.

Gisborne, New Zealand

Exactly!! My new begonia is typed as rose flowered it is a hanging one and the stamens hang down below the flower on some its more than an inch then 4 more petals sit over the top of this. Probably the worst description ever. Jax it would never do for you to visit a private garden up the road from me. Spotted the for sale sandwich board as I drove past the other day,just had to check it out. Weeeeeeeeell
I thought I had died and gone to heaven. At the back of there section they had a huge begonia house, bigger than a double garage, it is absolutely choka ful of begonias of all colour, shapes and sizes. The roof is also choka. My one isint flashy but it is different and I have my eye on a couple more, [when I find a possy for them ]. one is white with a dark pink edge and the back petals are pleated, and the other 2 well I'm still making up my mind. On that note I may just pop back today sometime. Lesley.

Chicago, IL(Zone 5b)


My DIL has a tuberous begonia still in bloom since last year. I mean 2 summers ago. It's about 20" high and very full. She keeps it in the bay window that goes out to their deck. This is in Rochester, NY.

I have killed I don't know how many. Bad Hap, bad Hap.


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