Air Potato (Dioscorea bulbifera)

Saint Petersburg, FL(Zone 9b)

Air Potato
Dioscorea bulbifera

Dioscorea bulbifera ("Air potato")

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Lonoke, AR

could you sell me a couple of these for starters

Saint Petersburg, FL(Zone 9b)

Sorry, I destroy the plant any time I see it in my yard. It's a Class I (one) invasive species here in Florida, and therefore probably even illegal to propagate.

But if you go to the link in the post above and follow it to the page for this plant, it shows there are 11 people listed who have the plant for sale or trade.

Not sure why you would even want such a plant, but hey, whatever floats your boat.

Good luck,

chennai, India

Can you tell me where in Texas (around Dallas) this plant Dioscorea bulbifera grows? or nearby.

Saint Petersburg, FL(Zone 9b)

(My apologies for the long delay in reply).
Sorry, but I have no idea where in Texas this plant grows. But if you click on the link in my first post above, it will take you to the main information page for this plant (which includes information about its hardiness zones). Then, scroll down beneath all the comments to the "Regional" section and it will show all the locations that users have reported the plant to have been been able to grow. There are several Texas locations listed.

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