Where to purchase CPs???

Don't forget to check out what others have to say about your source with Garden Watchdog when you find a nursery that interests you-

Here's one nursery that I am particularly fond of but there are numerous others that are also excellent quality listed at Garden Watchdog-

One more thing, if you are searching images in the Plant Files, look up to the top and every once in a while you will be notified of venders that support DG that have the plant you are interested in for sale. The first time I saw a plant pop up that was in stock and available, I was in heaven. Saves me having to chase around trying to find it.

Temecula, CA(Zone 8b)

these are the folks that supply HD, Lowes and most chain nurseries with their CPs


Culpeper, VA(Zone 7a)

I have found this CP website/supplier the best discovery on the net so far:


While I haven't ordered from them yet, I get their free e-newsletter as well as care updates regularly. Their site is chock full of information on every CP imaginable - from natives to tropicals. Prices are very reasonable, & everyone I know who has purchased from them have been deliriously pleased.

One part of the site that is very helpful is that you can punch in the light/temps indoor/outdoor situation you want to grow in, & they'll give you a list of plants that will thrive.

Also - if you register on their site & agree to receive their basic CP care instructions via e-mail (& who wouldn't), you become eligible to enter their monthly drawing of 2-3 names of folks who receive a free CP (varieties change every month).

All in all, these folks are really into what they sell, have great plants, great advice, & are just generally all-around helpful - especially with newbies.

Northrop is supplying major quantities of carnivorous plants to Home Depot. I don't know if they also supply Lowes or Menards with any though. I've never heard of Gublers before. I wonder who supplies WalMart?

Hey Breezyeadow (I love your user name), I've ordered from them! That's Sarracenia Northwest. They're out west and they are wonderful men to deal with. You should go ahead and order something. You will be absolutely in love with how fast they ship and their other little perks. Nice healthy plants I might add too! There's a little bit more to these people than what you may be aware. This nursery donates heavily to children's organizations. They generally have a deal where if you buy x number of dollars worth of plants you can get additional plants for a nickel a piece. They will allow you to forgo your five cent plant(s) if you choose to donate it and they pay the shipping and handling to a children's group. I know they have been sending free plants to a juvenile detention center in the midwest. I love supporting people who give back. What's really rather interesting is that I have found that most CP nurseries "give back" in one form or another. That Dangerous Plants above went and outfitted a school with carnivorous plants one time for no charge and no shipping and handling charges either. The school was from an extremely low income area and there was an interest so when the class went to order a few plants, Dangerous Plants not only declined their PayPal payment but they then sent them a boatload of plants in multiple shipping containers plus they provided "phone support".

There's something about carnies where most truly practive what they preach is about all I can say. Most love the plants and want to share them to get other people enthused. It's all about respect for the plant and the native plant communities in which they grow in the wild.

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