Sarracenia 'Dana's Delight'

Lexington, VA(Zone 6a)

Caught this fly getting 'trapped'!

Thumbnail by rcn48
Culpeper, VA(Zone 7a)

Great photo. I take it from the pic that you have these growing in a bog garden outside?

Nashville, TN(Zone 6b)

I saw these yesterday in a garden center. It was a gallon pot full and in bloom. Is this hardy in your area?
I started to get them but didn't need anything else to bring in this winter. They had several different types but the pink was very pretty.

Lexington, VA(Zone 6a)

We have them growing in pots right now. We've been successful in getting them through our winters - however if we had extended cold temps they would need to be protected.

picabo, easy enough to grow in a container and bring in for the winter, just need to place them in a cool basement or garage - freezing winds are worse for the plant than cold temps. They do need a dormant period of 3-4 months, then bring back outside when the temps are above 30 degrees and acclimate to the full sun.

Nashville, TN(Zone 6b)

Thank you for the information. I may go back and look at them again. They had so many different types. I just need to decide if there is room for one more pot this winter

Your plants are very beautiful rcn48.

picabo, Sarracenia planted directly in the ground are generally perfectly fine to zone 5 with a decent layer of mulch. A pot of Sarrs might not make it unless the winter was very mild or unless it was taken inside a garage though. I put all of mine that are grown in pots in the garage and about once a month I put enough water in the drip tray to wick up in 5 minutes to keep the plants damp. If they dry out at all during the winter, whether they are in a pot or in the ground, they will die. These plants are a lot easier to keep than most people realize.

Culpeper, VA(Zone 7a)

Equilibrium - does that winter dampness apply to VFT's outdoors in pots as well?

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